SIC Code 4213 Trucking, except Local


Transportation & Public Utilities


Establishments primarily engaged in furnishing "over-the-road" trucking services or trucking services and storage services, including household goods either as common carriers or under special or individual contracts or agreements, for freight generally weighing more than 100 pounds. such operations are principally outside a single municipality, outside one group of contiguous municipalities, or outside a single municipality and its suburban areas.

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in furnishing air courier services for individually addressed letters, parcels, and packages generally weighing less than 100 pounds are classified in industry 4513 and other courier services for individually addressed letters, parcels, and packages generally weighing less than 100 pounds are classified in industry 4215.

Illustrative Examples

Long-distance trucking, over-the-road trucking, trucking rental with drivers, except for local use, trucking, except local.

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Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 421301Trailers-transporting
  • 421302Fuel-bulk-delivery
  • 421303Trucking-transportation Brokers
  • 421304Trucking
  • 421305Trucking-exempt Commodity
  • 421306Trucking-liquid & Dry Bulk
  • 421307Trucking-heavy Hauling
  • 421308Trucking-refrigerated
  • 421309Trucking-motor Freight
  • 421310Express & Transfer Svc
  • 421311Horse Transporting
  • 421312Mobile Homes-transporting
  • 421313Houses Building Movers
  • 421314Oil Field Hauling
  • 421315Oil Truckers
  • 421316Oil Field Transportation Service
  • 421317Citrus Hauling
  • 421318Trucking-containerized Freight
  • 421320Trucking-overdimensional Load
  • 421321Trucking Management

7-digit SIC

  • 4213001Trucking
  • 4213002Contract Haulers
  • 4213003Trucking-heavy Hauling
  • 4213004Trucking-motor Freight
  • 4213005Household Goods Transport
  • 4213006Mobile Homes-transporting
  • 4213007Trucking-refrigerated
  • 4213008Trucking-liquid & Dry Bulk
  • 4213009Heavy Machinery Transport
  • 4213010Building Materials Transport
  • 4213011Less-than-truckload
  • 4213012Flat Car Trailer Or Container
  • 4213013Trailers-transporting
  • 4213014Fuel-bulk-delivery
  • 4213015Trucking-transportation Brokers
  • 4213016Trucking-exempt Commodity
  • 4213017Express & Transfer Services
  • 4213018Horse Transporting
  • 4213019Houses Building Movers
  • 4213020Oil Field Hauling
  • 4213021Oil Truckers
  • 4213022Oil Field Transportation Services
  • 4213023Citrus Hauling
  • 4213024Trucking-containerized Freight
  • 4213025Trucking-overdimensional Load
  • 4213026Trucking Management

8-digit SIC

  • 42130000Trucking, Except Local
  • 42139901Automobiles, Transport And Delivery
  • 42139902Building Materials Transport
  • 42139903Contract Haulers
  • 42139904Heavy Hauling, Nec
  • 42139905Heavy Machinery Transport
  • 42139906Household Goods Transport
  • 42139907Less-than-truckload (ltl)
  • 42139908Liquid Petroleum Transport, Non-local
  • 42139909Mobile Homes Transport
  • 42139910Refrigerated Products Transport
  • 42139911Trailer Or Container On Flat Car (tofc/cofc)