SIC Code 4119 Local Passenger Transportation, not elsewhere classified


Transportation & Public Utilities


Establishments primarily engaged in furnishing miscellaneous passenger transportation, where such operations are principally within a municipality, contiguous municipalities, or a municipality and its suburban areas.

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in renting passenger automobiles without drivers are classified in services, industry group 751. Establishments primarily operating ski lifts, tows, and other recreational lifts are classified in services, industry 7999.

Illustrative Examples

Aerial tramways, ambulance service, road automobile rental with drivers cable cars, cog railways, hearse rental with drivers, limousine rental with drivers, sight-seeing buses, vanpool operation.

USA List Sample

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 411901Handicapped Transportation Service
  • 411902Ambulance Service
  • 411903Limousine Service
  • 411904Car Service
  • 411905Ambulette Service
  • 411906Rescue Squads
  • 411908Car Pool Information Service
  • 411909Bus Tours Promoters
  • 411910Casino Transportation
  • 411911Mine Rescue
  • 411912Medical Transportation
  • 411913Transportation Sharing Service
  • 411914Transportation Services
  • 411915Trolleys-charter
  • 411916Mortuary Transportation Service
  • 411918Ground Transportation
  • 411919Search Dogs
  • 411920Intermodal Services
  • 411999Local Passenger Transportation Nec

7-digit SIC

  • 4119001Transportation Services
  • 4119002Local Rental Transportation
  • 4119003Limousine Services
  • 4119004Ambulance Services
  • 4119005Sightseeing Buses
  • 4119006Automobile Rental With Drivers
  • 4119007Vanpool Operation
  • 4119008Hearse Rental With Drivers
  • 4119009Aerial Tramways (except Amusement Or Scenic)
  • 4119010Handicapped Transportation Services
  • 4119011Cable Cars, Aerial (except Amusement & Scenic)
  • 4119012Car Services
  • 4119013Cog Railway (except Amusement Or Scenic)
  • 4119014Ambulette Services
  • 4119015Rescue Squads
  • 4119016Car Pool Information Services
  • 4119017Bus Tours Promoters
  • 4119018Casino Transportation
  • 4119019Mine Rescue
  • 4119020Medical Transportation
  • 4119021Transportation Sharing Services
  • 4119022Trolleys-charter
  • 4119023Mortuary Transportation Services
  • 4119024Ground Transportation
  • 4119025Search Dogs
  • 4119026Intermodal Services

8-digit SIC

  • 41190000Local Passenger Transportation, Nec
  • 41190100Local Rental Transportation
  • 41190101Automobile Rental, With Driver
  • 41190102Hearse Rental, With Driver
  • 41190103Limousine Rental, With Driver
  • 41199901Aerial Tramways, Except Amusement Or Scenic
  • 41199902Ambulance Service
  • 41199903Cable Cars, Aerial: Except Amusement And Scenic
  • 41199904Cog Railway, Except Amusement Or Scenic
  • 41199905Sightseeing Bus
  • 41199906Vanpool Operation