SIC Code 3991 Brooms and Brushes




Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing household, industrial, and street sweeping brooms; and brushes, such as paintbrushes, toothbrushes, toilet brushes, and household and industrial brushes.

Illustrative Examples

  • Artists' brushes, hand
  • Brooms, hand and machine: bamboo, wire, fiber, splint, or otherBrushes for vacuum cleaners, carpet sweepers, and other rotaryBrushes, household and industrialHair pencils (artists' brushes)Paint rollersPaintbrushesPush broomsShaving brushesStreet sweeping brooms, hand and machineToilet brushesToothbrushes, except electricVarnish brushesWhisk brooms

Industry Leaders

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 399101Brooms-manufacturers
  • 399102Brush-manufacturers
  • 399103Paint Rollers-manufacturers
  • 399104Broom Manufacturers-equip & Suppliess (mfrs)
  • 399198Brooms & Brushes (manufacturers)

7-digit SIC

  • 3991001Brooms & Brushes Mfg
  • 3991002Household Or Industrial Brushes
  • 3991003Broom Manufacturers-equipment & Supplies Mfg
  • 3991004Brooms Mfg
  • 3991005Street Sweeping Brooms, Hand Or Machine
  • 3991006Whisk Brooms
  • 3991007Paint & Varnish Brushes
  • 3991008Paint Rollers Mfg
  • 3991009Paintbrushes
  • 3991010Brush Mfg
  • 3991011Brushes For Vacuum Cleaners, Carpet Sweepers, Etc
  • 3991012Hair Pencils
  • 3991013Shaving Brushes
  • 3991014Toothbrushes (except Electric)

8-digit SIC

  • 39910000Brooms And Brushes
  • 39910100Brooms
  • 39910102Street Sweeping Brooms, Hand Or Machine
  • 39910103Whisk Brooms
  • 39910200Paint And Varnish Brushes
  • 39910201Paint Rollers
  • 39910202Paintbrushes
  • 39910300Brushes, Except Paint And Varnish
  • 39910301Brushes For Vacuum Cleaners, Carpet Sweepers, Etc.
  • 39910302Brushes, Household Or Industrial
  • 39910303Hair Pencils (artists' Brushes)
  • 39910304Shaving Brushes
  • 39910306Toothbrushes, Except Electric
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Industry Overview

Total Companies:185

Est. Employment:2899