SIC Code 3961 Costume Jewelry and Costume Novelties, except Precious Metal




Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing costume jewelry, costume novelties, and ornaments made of all materials, except precious metal, precious or semiprecious stones, and rolled goldplate and gold- filled materials.

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing jewelry of precious and semiprecious metal are classified in 3911; those manufacturing leather compacts and vanity cases are classified in Industry 3172; and those manufacturing synthetic stones for gem stone and industrial use are classified in Industry 3299.

Illustrative Examples

  • Compacts, except precious metal and solid leather
  • Costume jewelry, except precious metal and precious or semi-preciousCuff-links and studs, except precious metal and gemsNovelties, costume: except precious metal and gemsOrnaments, costume: except precious metal and gemsPearls, artificialRings, finger: gold-plated wireRosaries and other small religious articles, except precious metalVanity cases, except precious metal and leatherWatchbands, base metal

Industry Leaders

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 396101Costume Jewelry-manufacturers
  • 396102Rhinestones-manufacturers
  • 396103Pins (broaches)(manufacturers)
  • 396104Jewelry Craft Supplies (manufacturers)
  • 396105Jewelry Stamping (manufacturers)
  • 396198Costume Jwlry/novelties-ex Prcs (mfrs)

7-digit SIC

  • 3961001Costume Jewelry Mfg
  • 3961002Jewelry Apparel (except Precious Metals)
  • 3961003Rhinestones Mfg
  • 3961004Bracelets (except Precious Metal)
  • 3961005Jewelry Craft Supplies Mfg
  • 3961006Cuff-links & Studs (except Precious Metal & Gems)
  • 3961007Jewelry Stamping Mfg
  • 3961008Earrings (except Precious Metal)
  • 3961009Necklaces (except Precious Metal)
  • 3961010Pins & Broaches Mfg
  • 3961011Rings-finger-gold Plated Wire
  • 3961012Watchbands, Base Metal
  • 3961013Costume Novelties
  • 3961014Compacts (except Precious Metal)
  • 3961015Ornaments, Costume (except Precious Metal & Gems)
  • 3961016Costume Jewelry/novelties-ex Precious Mfg
  • 3961017Pearls, Artificial
  • 3961018Rosaries & Small Religious Articles (except Precious Metal)
  • 3961019Keychains (except Precious Metal)

8-digit SIC

  • 39610000Costume Jewelry
  • 39610100Jewelry Apparel, Non-precious Metals
  • 39610101Bracelets, Except Precious Metal
  • 39610102Cuff-links And Studs, Except Precious Metal And Gems
  • 39610103Earrings, Except Precious Metal
  • 39610104Necklaces, Except Precious Metal
  • 39610105Pins (jewelry), Except Precious Metal
  • 39610106Rings, Finger: Gold Plated Wire
  • 39610107Watchbands, Base Metal
  • 39610200Costume Novelties
  • 39610201Compacts, Except Precious Metal
  • 39610202Ornaments, Costume, Except Precious Metal And Gems
  • 39619901Costume Jewelry, Ex. Precious Metal And Semiprecious Stones
  • 39619902Pearls, Artificial
  • 39619903Rosaries And Small Religious Articles, Except Precious Metal
  • 39619904Keychains, Except Precious Metal