SIC Code 3661 Telephone and Telegraph Apparatus




Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing wire telephone and telegraph equipment. Included are establishments manufacturing modems and other telephone and telegraph communications interface equipment.

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing cellular radio telephones are classified in Industry 3663.

Illustrative Examples

  • Auto-transformers for telephone switchboards
  • Carrier equipment, telephone and telegraphCommunications headgear, telephoneData sets, telephone and telegraphFacsimile equipmentHeadsets, telephoneMessage concentratorsModemsMultiplex equipment, telephone and telegraphSwitchboards, telephone and telegraphSwitching equipment, telephoneTelegraph office switching equipmentTelephone answering machinesTelephone central office equipment, dial and manualTelephone dialing devices, automaticTelephone sets, except cellular radio telephoneTelephone station equipment and parts, wireTelephones, sound powered (no battery)Telephones underwaterToll switching equipment, telephone

Industry Leaders

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 366101Telephone Auto Answer Equipment Mfg
  • 366102Telephone Equipment & Systems Mfg
  • 366103Telephone Booths (manufacturers)
  • 366104Modems & Set-tops (mfrs)
  • 366198Telephone & Telegraph Apparatus (mfrs)

7-digit SIC

  • 3661001Telephone & Telegraph Apparatus Mfg
  • 3661002Telephones & Telephone Apparatus
  • 3661003Fiber Optics Communications Equipment
  • 3661004Autotransformers For Telephone Switchboards
  • 3661005Telephone Equipment & Systems Mfg
  • 3661006Telephone Booths Mfg
  • 3661007Communication Headgear, Telephone
  • 3661008Modems & Set-tops Mfg
  • 3661009Facsimile Equipment
  • 3661010Headsets, Telephone
  • 3661011Modems
  • 3661012Switching Equipment, Telephone
  • 3661013Telephone Auto Answer Equipment Mfg
  • 3661014Telephone Central Office Equipment, Dial Or Manual
  • 3661015Telephone Dialing Devices, Automatic
  • 3661016Telephone Sets, All Types Except Cellular Radio)
  • 3661017Telephone Station Equipment & Parts, Wire
  • 3661018Telephones-sound Powered
  • 3661019Toll Switching Equipment, Telephone
  • 3661020Telegraph & Related Apparatus
  • 3661021Pox Equipment, Manual Or Automatic
  • 3661022Telegraph Or Telephone Carrier & Repeater Equipment
  • 3661023Telegraph Station Equipment & Parts, Wire
  • 3661024Carrier Equipment, Telephone Or Telegraph
  • 3661025Data Sets, Telephone Or Telegraph
  • 3661026Electronic Secretary
  • 3661027Message Concentrators
  • 3661028Multiplex Equipment, Telephone & Telegraph
  • 3661029Switchboards, Telephone Or Telegraph
  • 3661030Telephone Cords, Jacks, Adapters, Etc

8-digit SIC

  • 36610000Telephone And Telegraph Apparatus
  • 36610100Telephones And Telephone Apparatus
  • 36610101Autotransformers For Telephone Switchboards
  • 36610102Communication Headgear, Telephone
  • 36610103Facsimile Equipment
  • 36610104Headsets, Telephone
  • 36610105Modems
  • 36610106Switching Equipment, Telephone
  • 36610107Telephone Answering Machines
  • 36610108Telephone Central Office Equipment, Dial Or Manual
  • 36610109Telephone Dialing Devices, Automatic
  • 36610110Telephone Sets, All Types Except Cellular Radio
  • 36610111Telephone Station Equipment And Parts, Wire
  • 36610112Telephones, Sound Powered (no Battery)
  • 36610114Toll Switching Equipment, Telephone
  • 36610200Telegraph And Related Apparatus
  • 36610201Pbx Equipment, Manual Or Automatic
  • 36610203Telegraph Or Telephone Carrier And Repeater Equipment
  • 36610204Telegraph Station Equipment And Parts, Wire
  • 36619901Carrier Equipment, Telephone Or Telegraph
  • 36619902Data Sets, Telephone Or Telegraph
  • 36619903Electronic Secretary
  • 36619904Message Concentrators
  • 36619905Multiplex Equipment, Telephone And Telegraph
  • 36619906Switchboards, Telephone Or Telegraph
  • 36619907Telephone Cords, Jacks, Adapters, Etc.
  • 36619908Fiber Optics Communications Equipment