SIC Code 3612 Power, Distribution, and Specialty Transformers




Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing power, distribution, instrument, and specialty transformers.

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing radio frequency or voice frequency electronic transformers, coils, or chokes are classified in Industry 3677, and those manufacturing resistance welder transformers are classified in Industry 3548.

Illustrative Examples

  • Airport lighting transformers
  • Auto-transformers for switchboards, except telephone switchboardsAuto-transformers, electric (power transformers)Ballasts for lighting fixturesControl transformersCurrent limiting reactors, electricalDistribution transformers electricDoorbell transformers, electricElectric furnace transformersFeeder voltage regulators and boosters (electric transformers)Fluorescent ballasts (transformers)Generator voltage regulators electric induction and step typeIgnition transformersInstrument transformers except portableIsolation transformersLighting transformers, fluorescentLighting transformers, street and airportLine voltage regulatorsLuminous tube transformersMachine tool transformersRatio transformersRectifier transformersSignaling transformers electricSpecialty transformersStreet lighting transformersToy transformersTransformers, electric powerTransformers, for electronic metersTransformers, reactorTripping transformersVibrators interrupterVoltage regulating transformers electric powerVoltage regulators, transmission and distribution

Sample Business Listings

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 361201Power Plant Equipment-manufacturers
  • 361202Electric Transmission/distr Equip (mfrs)
  • 361203Power Protection Systems (manufacturers)
  • 361204Power Transmission Equip-manufacturers
  • 361205Voltage Stabilizers (manufacturers)
  • 361206Transformers-manufacturers
  • 361207Airport Equipment & Supplies (mfrs)
  • 361298Power Distr/specialty Transformer (mfrs)

7-digit SIC

  • 3612001Power Distribution/specialty Transformer Mfg
  • 3612002Electric Power Transformers
  • 3612003Power Plant Equipment Mfg
  • 3612004Power & Distribution Transformers
  • 3612005Autotransformers-electric Power Transformers
  • 3612006Electric Transmission/distribution Equipment Mfg
  • 3612007Power Protection Systems Mfg
  • 3612008Control Transformers
  • 3612009Current Limiting Reactors, Electrical
  • 3612010Power Transmission Equipment Mfg
  • 3612011Voltage Stabilizers Mfg
  • 3612012Distribution Transformers, Electric
  • 3612013Feeder Voltage Boosters-electric Transformers
  • 3612014Transformers Mfg
  • 3612015Feeder Voltage Regulators-electric Transformers
  • 3612016Airport Equipment & Supplies Mfg
  • 3612017Generator Voltage Regulators
  • 3612018Line Voltage Regulators
  • 3612019Transmission & Distribution Voltage Regulators
  • 3612020Voltage Regulating Transformers, Electric Power
  • 3612021Voltage Regulators, Transmission & Distribution
  • 3612022Lamp Ballasts
  • 3612023Ballasts For Lighting Fixtures
  • 3612024Fluorescent Ballasts
  • 3612025Specialty Transformers
  • 3612026Airport Lighting Transformers
  • 3612027Autotransformers For Switchboards (except Tele Switchboards)
  • 3612028Doorbell Transformers, Electric
  • 3612029Electric Furnace Transformers
  • 3612030Electronic Meter Transformers
  • 3612031Fluorescent Lighting Transformers
  • 3612032Ignition Transformers, For Use On Domestic Fuel Burners
  • 3612033Lighting Transformers, Fluorescent
  • 3612034Lighting Transformers, Street & Airport
  • 3612035Machine Tool Transformers
  • 3612036Reactor Transformers
  • 3612037Rectifier Transformers
  • 3612038Signaling Transformers, Electric
  • 3612039Toy Transformers
  • 3612040Tripping Transformers
  • 3612041Instrument Transformers (except Portable)
  • 3612042Saturable Reactors
  • 3612043Vibrators, Interrupter

8-digit SIC

  • 36120000Power, Distribution And Specialty Transformers
  • 36120100Power And Distribution Transformers
  • 36120101Autotransformers, Electric (power Transformers)
  • 36120102Control Transformers
  • 36120103Current Limiting Reactors, Electrical
  • 36120104Distribution Transformers, Electric
  • 36120105Feeder Voltage Boosters (electric Transformers)
  • 36120106Feeder Voltage Regulators (electric Transformers)
  • 36120107Generator Voltage Regulators
  • 36120108Line Voltage Regulators
  • 36120109Power Transformers, Electric
  • 36120110Transmission And Distribution Voltage Regulators
  • 36120111Voltage Regulating Transformers, Electric Power
  • 36120112Voltage Regulators, Transmission And Distribution
  • 36120200Lamp Ballasts
  • 36120201Ballasts For Lighting Fixtures
  • 36120202Fluorescent Ballasts
  • 36120300Specialty Transformers
  • 36120301Airport Lighting Transformers
  • 36120302Autotransformers For Switchboards (exc. Tele. Switchboards)
  • 36120303Doorbell Transformers, Electric
  • 36120304Electric Furnace Transformers
  • 36120305Electronic Meter Transformers
  • 36120306Fluorescent Lighting Transformers
  • 36120307Ignition Transformers, For Use On Domestic Fuel Burners
  • 36120308Lighting Transformers, Fluorescent
  • 36120309Lighting Transformers, Street And Airport
  • 36120311Machine Tool Transformers
  • 36120313Reactor Transformers
  • 36120314Rectifier Transformers
  • 36120315Signaling Transformers, Electric
  • 36120316Toy Transformers
  • 36120317Tripping Transformers
  • 36129901Instrument Transformers (except Portable)
  • 36129902Saturable Reactors
  • 36129903Vibrators, Interrupter
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