SIC Code 3548 Electric and Gas Welding and Soldering Equipment




Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing electric and gas welding and soldering equipment and accessories. Also included are establishments primarily engaged in coating welding wire from purchased wire or from wire drawn in the same establishment.

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing handheld soldering irons are classified in Industry 3423, and those manufacturing electron beam, ultrasonic, and laser welding equipment are classified in Industry 3699.

Illustrative Examples

  • Arc-welder transformers (separate)
  • Arc-welders, transformer-rectifierArc-welding generators, a.c. and d.c.Electrode holders for electric welding apparatusElectrodes, electric weldingGas welding equipmentGenerators (separate) for arc-weldersResistance welders, electricRobots for welding, soldering, or brazingSeam welding apparatus, gas and electricSoldering equipment, except soldering ironsSpot welding apparatus, gas and electricTransformers (separate) for arc-weldingWelding accessories, electric and gasWelding and cutting apparatus, gas or electricWelding wire, bare and coated

Targeted Leads Samples in USA

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 354801Welding Equipment & Supplies Mfg

7-digit SIC

  • 3548001Welding Equipment & Supplies Mfg
  • 3548002Welding & Cutting Apparatus & Accessories
  • 3548003Electric Welding Equipment
  • 3548004Arc Welders, Transformer-rectifier
  • 3548005Arc Welding Generators, Ac & Dc
  • 3548006Electrode Holders, For Electric Welding Apparatus
  • 3548007Electrodes, Electric Welding
  • 3548008Resistance Welders, Electric
  • 3548009Seam Welding Apparatus, Electric
  • 3548010Spot Welding Apparatus, Electric
  • 3548011Transformers For Arc Welders
  • 3548012Gas Welding Equipment
  • 3548013Soldering Equipment (except Hand Soldering Irons)
  • 3548014Welding Wire, Bare & Coated

8-digit SIC

  • 35480000Welding Apparatus
  • 35480100Electric Welding Equipment
  • 35480101Arc Welders, Transformer-rectifier
  • 35480102Arc Welding Generators, A.c. And D.c.
  • 35480103Electrode Holders, For Electric Welding Apparatus
  • 35480104Electrodes, Electric Welding
  • 35480105Resistance Welders, Electric
  • 35480106Seam Welding Apparatus, Electric
  • 35480107Spot Welding Apparatus, Electric
  • 35480108Transformers (separate), For Arc Welders
  • 35489901Gas Welding Equipment
  • 35489902Soldering Equipment, Except Hand Soldering Irons
  • 35489903Welding And Cutting Apparatus And Accessories, Nec
  • 35489904Welding Wire, Bare And Coated