SIC Code 3351 Rolling, Drawing, and Extruding of Copper




Establishments primarily engaged in rolling, drawing, and extruding copper, brass, bronze, and other copper base alloy basic shapes, such as plate, sheet, strip, bar, and tubing

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in recovering copper and its alloys from scrap or dross are classified in Industry 3341.

Illustrative Examples

  • Bands, shell copper and copper alloy-made in copper rolling mills
  • Bars, copper and copper alloy
  • Brass rolling and drawing
  • Bronze rolling and drawing
  • Cartridge cups, discs, and sheets copper and copper alloy
  • Cups, primer and cartridge copper and copper alloy
  • Extruded shapes, copper and copper alloy
  • Pipe, extruded and drawn: brass, bronze, and copper
  • Plates, copper and copper alloy
  • Primer cups, copper and copper alloy
  • Rails, rolled and drawn: brass, bronze, and copper
  • Rods, copper and copper alloy
  • Rolling, drawing, and extruding of copper and copper alloys
  • Rotating bands, copper and copper alloy
  • Sheets, copper and copper alloy
  • Shell discs, copper and copper alloy
  • Slugs, copper and copper alloy
  • Strip, copper and copper alloy
  • Tubing, copper and copper alloy
  • Wire, copper and copper alloy made in brass mills

Industry Leaders

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 335101Metal Shapes-extruded (manufacturers)
  • 335103Copper-sheet Rod Tube Etc (mfrs)
  • 335104Copper Fabricators (mfrs)
  • 335105Brass Rubbings (manufacturers)
  • 335106Bronze-sheet Rod Tube & Etc (mfrs)
  • 335107Iron Sheet Rod & Tube (mfrs)
  • 335198Rolling Drawing/extruding-copper (mfrs)

7-digit SIC

  • 3351001Rolling Drawing/extruding-copper Mfg
  • 3351002Copper & Copper Alloy Sheet, Strip, Plate & Products
  • 3351003Bands, Copper & Copper Alloy
  • 3351004Cups-primer & Cartridge-copper & Copper Alloy
  • 3351005Sheets, Copper & Copper Alloy
  • 3351006Strip, Copper & Copper Alloy
  • 3351007Copper & Copper Alloy Pipe & Tube
  • 3351008Copper Pipe
  • 3351009Pipe, Brass & Bronze
  • 3351010Tubing, Copper & Copper Alloy
  • 3351011Bars & Bar Shapes, Copper & Copper Alloy
  • 3351012Brass Rolling & Drawing
  • 3351013Bronze Rolling & Drawing
  • 3351014Extruded Shapes Nec, Copper & Copper Alloy
  • 3351015Rails, Copper & Copper Alloy
  • 3351016Rolled Or Drawn Shapes Nec, Copper & Copper Alloy
  • 3351017Wire, Copper & Copper Alloy
  • 3351018Metal Shapes-extruded Mfg
  • 3351019Copper-sheet Rod Tube Etc Mfg
  • 3351020Copper Fabricators Mfg
  • 3351021Brass Rubbings Mfg
  • 3351022Bronze-sheet Rod Tube Mfg
  • 3351023Iron Sheet Rod & Tube Mfg

8-digit SIC

  • 33510000Copper Rolling And Drawing
  • 33510100Copper And Copper Alloy Sheet, Strip, Plate, And Products
  • 33510101Bands, Copper And Copper Alloy
  • 33510102Cups, Primer And Cartridge: Copper And Copper Alloy
  • 33510104Sheets, Copper And Copper Alloy
  • 33510105Strip, Copper And Copper Alloy
  • 33510200Copper And Copper Alloy Pipe And Tube
  • 33510201Copper Pipe
  • 33510202Pipe, Brass And Bronze
  • 33510203Tubing, Copper And Copper Alloy
  • 33519901Bars And Bar Shapes, Copper And Copper Alloy
  • 33519902Brass Rolling And Drawing
  • 33519903Bronze Rolling And Drawing
  • 33519904Extruded Shapes, Nec, Copper And Copper Alloy
  • 33519905Rails, Copper And Copper Alloy
  • 33519906Rolled Or Drawn Shapes, Nec, Copper And Copper Alloy
  • 33519907Wire, Copper And Copper Alloy
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Industry Overview

Total Companies:114

Est. Employment:2685