SIC Code 3281 Cut Stone and Stone Products




Establishments primarily engaged in cutting, shaping, and finishing granite, marble, limestone, slate, and other stone for building and miscellaneous uses.

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in buying or selling partly finished monuments and tombstones, but performing no work on the stones other than lettering, finishing, or shaping to custom order, are classified inDivision F, Wholesale Trade or Division G, Retail Trade. The cutting of grindstones, pulpstones, and whetstones at the quarry is classified in Division B, Mining

Illustrative Examples

  • Altars, cut stone
  • Baptismal fonts, cut stone
  • Benches, cut stone
  • Blackboards, slate
  • Burial vaults, stone
  • Church furniture, cut stone
  • Curbing, granite and stone
  • Cut stone products
  • Desk set bases, onyx
  • Dimension stone for buildings
  • Flagstones
  • Furniture, cut stone
  • Granite, cut and shaped
  • Lamp bases onyx
  • Limestone, cut and shaped
  • Marble, building cut and shaped
  • Monuments, cut stone: not including only finishing or lettering
  • Paving blocks, cut stone
  • Pedestals, marble
  • Pulpits, cut stone
  • Roofing, slate
  • Slate and slate products
  • Statuary, marble
  • Stone, cut and shaped
  • Stone, quarrying and processing of own
  • Stone products
  • Switchboard panels, slate
  • Table tops, marble
  • Tombstones, cut stone: not including only finishing or lettering
  • Urns, cut stone
  • Vases, cut stone

Industry Leaders

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 328101Granite Products-manufacturers
  • 328102Marble Products-natural-manufacturers
  • 328103Stone Products-natural-manufacturers
  • 328104Monuments-manufacturers
  • 328106Flagstones (manufacturers)
  • 328107Stone Cutters (mfrs)
  • 328108Blackboards-manufacturers
  • 328109Stone-cut (manufacturers)
  • 328110Marble Contractors Equip & Suppliess (mfrs)
  • 328111Stone-manufactured
  • 328198Cut Stone & Stone Products (mfrs)

7-digit SIC

  • 3281001Cut Stone & Stone Products Mfg
  • 3281002Marble Products-natural Mfg
  • 3281003Granite Products Mfg
  • 3281004Quarrying & Processing Stone
  • 3281005Monuments Mfg
  • 3281006Marble Table Tops
  • 3281007Cut Stone Bathroom Fixtures
  • 3281008Cut & Shaped Monument Or Burial Stone
  • 3281009Stone Curbing Products
  • 3281010Building Stone Products
  • 3281011Cut Limestone
  • 3281012Furniture, Cut Stone
  • 3281013Altars, Cut Stone
  • 3281014Stone Products-natural Mfg
  • 3281015Benches, Cut Stone
  • 3281016Church Furniture, Cut Stone
  • 3281017Stone Cutters Mfg
  • 3281018Stone-cut Mfg
  • 3281019Household Articles (except Furniture-cut Stone)
  • 3281020Marble Contractors Equipment & Supplies Mfg
  • 3281021Desk Set Bases, Onyx
  • 3281022Stone-manufactured
  • 3281023Lamp Bases, Onyx
  • 3281024Urns, Cut Stone
  • 3281025Vases, Cut Stone
  • 3281026Dimension Stone For Buildings
  • 3281027Slate Products
  • 3281028Blackboards Mfg
  • 3281029Switchboard Panels, Slate
  • 3281030Burial Vaults, Stone
  • 3281031Pedestals, Marble
  • 3281032Statuary, Marble
  • 3281033Tombstones-cut Stones-not Finishing Or Lettering
  • 3281034Curbing, Paving & Walkway Stone
  • 3281035Flagstones Mfg
  • 3281036Paving Blocks, Cut Stone

8-digit SIC

  • 32810000Cut Stone And Stone Products
  • 32810100Furniture, Cut Stone
  • 32810101Altars, Cut Stone
  • 32810102Benches, Cut Stone
  • 32810103Church Furniture, Cut Stone
  • 32810104Table Tops, Marble
  • 32810200Household Articles, Except Furniture: Cut Stone
  • 32810201Bathroom Fixtures, Cut Stone
  • 32810202Desk Set Bases, Onyx
  • 32810203Lamp Bases, Onyx
  • 32810204Urns, Cut Stone
  • 32810205Vases, Cut Stone
  • 32810300Building Stone Products
  • 32810301Dimension Stone For Buildings
  • 32810302Marble, Building: Cut And Shaped
  • 32810400Slate Products
  • 32810401Blackboards, Slate
  • 32810402Switchboard Panels, Slate
  • 32810500Monument Or Burial Stone, Cut And Shaped
  • 32810501Burial Vaults, Stone
  • 32810502Monuments, Cut Stone (not Finishing Or Lettering Only)
  • 32810503Pedestals, Marble
  • 32810504Statuary, Marble
  • 32810505Tombstones, Cut Stone (not Finishing Or Lettering Only)
  • 32810600Curbing, Paving, And Walkway Stone
  • 32810601Curbing, Granite Or Stone
  • 32810602Flagstones
  • 32810603Paving Blocks, Cut Stone
  • 32819901Granite, Cut And Shaped
  • 32819902Limestone, Cut And Shaped
  • 32819903Stone, Quarrying And Processing Of Own Stone Products
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Total Companies:2747

Est. Employment:11998