SIC Code 2761 Manifold Business Forms




Establishments primarily engaged in designing and printing, by any process, special forms for use in the operation of a business, in single and multiple sets, including carbonized or interleaved with carbon or otherwise processed for multiple reproduction.

Illustrative Examples

  • Autographic register forms, printed
  • Business forms, manifold
  • Computer forms, manifold or continuous (excludes paper simply
  • Continuous forms, office and business carbonized or
  • Fanfold forms
  • Sales books
  • Strip forms (manifold business forms)
  • Tabulating card set forms (business forms)
  • Unit sets (manifold business forms)

Industry Leaders

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 276101Printers-business Forms (mfrs)
  • 276102Sales & Order Books (manufacturers)
  • 276103Business Forms & Systems-manufacturers
  • 276104Manifold Business Forms (mfrs)
  • 276105Legal Forms-manufacturers

7-digit SIC

  • 2761001Manifold Business Forms Mfg
  • 2761002Office & Business Continuous Forms
  • 2761003Computer Manifold Business Forms
  • 2761004Printed Autographic Register Forms
  • 2761005Printers-business Forms Mfg
  • 2761006Sales & Order Books Mfg
  • 2761007Fanfold Forms
  • 2761008Strip Forms
  • 2761009Business Forms & Systems Mfg
  • 2761010Legal Forms Mfg
  • 2761011Unit Sets

8-digit SIC

  • 27610000Manifold Business Forms
  • 27619901Autographic Register Forms, Printed
  • 27619902Computer Forms, Manifold Or Continuous
  • 27619903Continuous Forms, Office And Business
  • 27619904Fanfold Forms
  • 27619905Strip Forms (manifold Business Forms)
  • 27619906Unit Sets (manifold Business Forms)
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Industry Overview

Total Companies:1641

Est. Employment:7133