SIC Code 2655 Fiber Cans, Tubes, Drums, and Similar Products




Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing from purchased materials fiber cans, cones, drums, and similar products, with or without metal ends, and vulcanized fiber boxes.

Illustrative Examples

  • Ammunition cans or tubs, paperboard laminated with metal foil-mfpm
  • Bobbins, fiber-mfpm
  • Bottles, paper fiber-mfpm
  • Boxes, vulcanized fiber-mfpm
  • Candelabra tubes, fiber-mfpm
  • Cans, composite: foil-fiber and other combinations-mfpm
  • Cans, fiber (metal-end or all-fiber-mfpm
  • Cases, mailing: paper fiber (metal-end or all-fiber)-mfpm
  • Cones, fiber: for winding yarn, string, ribbons, or cloth-mfpm
  • Containers, laminated phenolic and vulcanized fiber-mfpm
  • Containers, liquid tight fiber (except sanitary food containers)-mfpm
  • Cores, fiber (metal-end or all-fiber)-mfpm
  • Drums, fiber (metal-end or all-fiber)-mfpm
  • Hampers, shipping: vulcanized fiber-mfpm
  • Mailing cases and tubes, paper fiber (metal-end or all-fiber)
  • Pans and voids, fiber or cardboard-mfpm
  • Ribbon blocks, fiber-mfpm
  • Spools, fiber (metal-end or all-fiber)-mfpm
  • Textile reels, fiber-mfpm
  • Textile spinning bobbins, fiber (metal-end or all-fiber)-mfpm
  • Tubes, fiber or paper (with or without metal ends)-mfpm
  • Tubes, for chemical and electrical uses: impregnated paper
  • Wastebaskets, fiber (metal-end or all-fiber)-mfpm
  • Key: mfpm - made from purchased materials

Industry Sample for USA

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 265501Fiber & Fiber Products (manufacturers)
  • 265502Mailing Containers (manufacturers)
  • 265503Packaging Containers (manufacturers)
  • 265504Containers-industrial (manufacturers)
  • 265505Cans-fiber (manufacturers)
  • 265506Collapsible Tubes (manufacturers)
  • 265507Paper Tubes & Cores-manufacturers

7-digit SIC

  • 2655001Fiber & Fiber Products Mfg
  • 2655002Fiber Or Paper Tubes
  • 2655003Composite Cans
  • 2655004Fiber Spools, Tubes & Cones
  • 2655005Fiber Cone Mfg
  • 2655006Fiber Spool Mfg
  • 2655007Packaging Containers Mfg
  • 2655008Containers-industrial Mfg
  • 2655009Paper Or Fiber Chemical Or Electrical Tubes
  • 2655010Collapsible Tubes Mfg
  • 2655011Fiber Cans, Drums & Containers
  • 2655012Paper Fiber Bottle Mfg
  • 2655013Paper Tubes & Cores Mfg
  • 2655014Vulcanized Fiber Box Mfg
  • 2655015Cans-fiber Mfg
  • 2655016Laminated Phenolic & Vulcanized Fiber Containers
  • 2655017Liquid Tight Fiber Container Mfg
  • 2655018Fiber Drum Mfg
  • 2655019Mailing Containers Mfg
  • 2655020Mailing Case Mfg
  • 2655021Shipping Hamper Mfg
  • 2655022Mailing Tube Mfg
  • 2655023Fiber Cores, Reels & Bobbins
  • 2655024Fiber Bobbin Mfg
  • 2655025Textile Spinning Bobbin Mfg
  • 2655026Fiber Core Mfg
  • 2655027Textile Reel Mfg
  • 2655028Board Laminated Ammunition Cans Or Tubes
  • 2655029Fiber Or Cardboard Pans & Voids Mfg
  • 2655030Fiber Ribbon Block Mfg
  • 2655031Fiber Wastebasket Mfg

8-digit SIC

  • 26550000Fiber Cans, Drums, And Similar Products
  • 26550100Fiber Spools, Tubes, And Cones
  • 26550101Cones, Fiber: Made From Purchased Material
  • 26550102Spools, Fiber: Made From Purchased Material
  • 26550103Tubes, Fiber Or Paper: Made From Purchased Material
  • 26550104Tubes, For Chemical Or Electrical Uses: Paper Or Fiber
  • 26550200Fiber Cans, Drums, And Containers
  • 26550201Bottles, Paper Fiber: Made From Purchased Material
  • 26550202Boxes, Vulcanized Fiber: Made From Purchased Material
  • 26550203Cans, Composite: Foil-fiber And Other: From Purchased Fiber
  • 26550204Cans, Fiber: Made From Purchased Material
  • 26550205Containers, Laminated Phenolic And Vulcanized Fiber
  • 26550206Containers, Liquid Tight Fiber: From Purchased Material
  • 26550207Drums, Fiber: Made From Purchased Material
  • 26550300Fiber Shipping And Mailing Containers
  • 26550301Cases, Mailing: Made From Purchased Material
  • 26550302Hampers, Shipping (vulcanized Fiber): Purchased Material
  • 26550303Tubes, Mailing: Made From Purchased Paper Fiber
  • 26550400Fiber Cores, Reels, And Bobbins
  • 26550401Bobbins, Fiber: Made From Purchased Material
  • 26550402Bobbins, Textile Spinning: Made From Purchased Fiber
  • 26550403Cores, Fiber: Made From Purchased Material
  • 26550404Reels (fiber), Textile: Made From Purchased Material
  • 26559901Ammunition Cans Or Tubes, Board Laminated With Metal Foil
  • 26559902Pans And Voids, Fiber Or Cardboard: From Purchased Material
  • 26559903Ribbon Blocks, Fiber: Made From Purchased Material
  • 26559904Wastebaskets, Fiber: Made From Purchased Material
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Total Companies:526

Est. Employment:6588