SIC Code 2519 Household Furniture, Not Elsewhere Classified




Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing reed, rattan, and other wicker furniture, plastics and fiberglass household furniture and cabinets, and household furniture, not elsewhere classified.

Illustrative Examples

  • Bassinets, reed and rattan
  • Cabinets, radio and television: plastics
  • Camp furniture, reed and rattan
  • Chairs, cane
  • Furniture, household: glass and plastics (including fiberglass)
  • Furniture, household: rattan, reed, malacca, fiber, willow, and wicker
  • Garden furniture: except wood, metal, stone, and concrete
  • Household furniture: rattan, reed, malacca, fiber, willow, and wicker
  • Juvenile furniture, rattan and reed
  • Lawn furniture: except wood, metal, stone, and concrete

USA List Sample

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 251901Windows-fiberglass (mfrs)
  • 251998Household Furniture Nec (mfrs)

7-digit SIC

  • 2519001Household Furniture Nec Mfg
  • 2519002Upholstered Household Furniture (except Wood Or Metal)
  • 2519003Glass, Fiberglass & Plastic Household Furniture
  • 2519004Lawn & Garden Furniture (except Wood & Metal)
  • 2519005Windows-fiberglass Mfg
  • 2519006Garden Furniture-9except Wood, Metal, Stone Or Concrete)
  • 2519007Lawn Furniture (except Wood, Metal, Stone Or Concrete)
  • 2519008Wicker & Rattan Furniture
  • 2519009Cane Chairs
  • 2519010Padded Or Plain Rattan Or Reed Juvenile Furniture
  • 2519011Padded Or Plain Malacca Furniture
  • 2519012Padded Or Plain Rattan Furniture
  • 2519013Padded Or Plain Wicker Furniture
  • 2519014Fiberglass & Plastic Furniture
  • 2519015Padded Or Plain Fiberglass Furniture
  • 2519016Plastic Radio Cabinets
  • 2519017Plastic Television Cabinets
  • 2519018Bean Bag Chairs

8-digit SIC

  • 25190000Household Furniture, Nec
  • 25190100Lawn And Garden Furniture, Except Wood And Metal
  • 25190101Garden Furniture, Except Wood, Metal, Stone, Or Concrete
  • 25190102Lawn Furniture, Except Wood, Metal, Stone, Or Concrete
  • 25190200Wicker And Rattan Furniture
  • 25190201Cane Chairs
  • 25190202Juvenile Furniture, Rattan Or Reed: Padded Or Plain
  • 25190203Malacca Furniture: Padded Or Plain
  • 25190204Rattan Furniture: Padded Or Plain
  • 25190206Wicker Furniture: Padded Or Plain
  • 25190300Fiberglass And Plastic Furniture
  • 25190301Fiberglass Furniture, Household: Padded Or Plain
  • 25190302Furniture, Household: Glass, Fiberglass, And Plastic
  • 25190303Radio Cabinets, Plastic
  • 25190304Television Cabinets, Plastic
  • 25199901Household Furniture, Except Wood Or Metal: Upholstered
  • 25199902Bean Bag Chairs
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