SIC Code 2514 Metal Household Furniture




Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing metal household furniture of a type commonly used in dwellings.

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing dual-purpose sleep furniture, such as convertible sofas and chair beds, are classified inIndustry 2515, regardless of the material used in the frame.

Illustrative Examples

  • Backs for metal household furniture
  • Beds, including folding and cabinet beds: household-metal
  • Bookcases, household metal
  • Breakfast sets (furniture), metal
  • Bridge sets (furniture), metal
  • Cabinets, kitchen metal
  • Cabinets, medicine metal
  • Cabinets, radio and television metal
  • Camp furniture, metal
  • Chairs, household metal
  • Cots, household metal
  • Cribs, metal
  • Dinette sets, metal
  • Frames for box springs or bedsprings, metal
  • Furniture, clubroom metal
  • Furniture household: metal
  • Furniture household upholstered on metal frames, except dual-purpose
  • Garden furniture, metal
  • Gliders (furniture), metal
  • Hammocks, metal or fabric and metal combination
  • Juvenile furniture, metal
  • Lawn furniture, metal
  • Novelty furniture, metal
  • Nursery furniture, metal
  • Playpens, children's metal
  • Seats for metal household furniture
  • Serving carts, household metal
  • Smoking stands, metal
  • Stools, household metal
  • Swings, porch metal
  • Tables, household: metal
  • Tea wagons, metal
  • Vanities, household metal

Sales Leads Database Sample

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 251401Cabinets-metal (manufacturers)
  • 251402Furniture-outdoor-manufacturers
  • 251403Medicine Cabinets-manufacturers
  • 251404Bed Frames-metal (manufacturers)
  • 251498Metal-household Furniture (mfrs)

7-digit SIC

  • 2514001Metal-household Furniture Mfg
  • 2514002Metal Kitchen Cabinets
  • 2514003Metal Lawn & Garden Furniture
  • 2514004Metal Bedroom Furniture
  • 2514005Metal Household Beds
  • 2514006Metal Box Spring Frames
  • 2514007Metal Kitchen & Dining Room Furniture
  • 2514008Metal Breakfast Sets
  • 2514009Metal Household Chairs
  • 2514010Metal Dinette Sets
  • 2514011Metal Padded Or Plain Stools
  • 2514012Metal Household Tables
  • 2514013Metal Cribs
  • 2514014Metal Juvenile Furniture
  • 2514015Metal Nursery Furniture
  • 2514016Metal Game Room Furniture
  • 2514017Metal Bridge Sets
  • 2514018Metal Club Room Furniture
  • 2514019Metal Bookcases & Stereo Cabinets
  • 2514020Metal Bookcases
  • 2514021Metal Radio & Television Cabinets
  • 2514022Metal Padded Or Plain Gliders
  • 2514023Metal Or Fabric & Metal Combination Hammocks
  • 2514024Metal Porch Swings
  • 2514025Metal Household Furniture Backs & Seats
  • 2514026Metal Camp Furniture
  • 2514027Metal Household Cots
  • 2514028Upholstered Metal Framed Household Furniture
  • 2514029Medicine Cabinets Mfg
  • 2514030Metal Novelty Furniture
  • 2514031Metal Serving Carts & Tea Wagons
  • 2514032Metal Smoking Stands
  • 2514033Metal Garden Furniture
  • 2514034Metal Lawn Furniture
  • 2514035Cabinets-metal Mfg
  • 2514036Furniture-outdoor Mfg
  • 2514037Bed Frames-metal Mfg

8-digit SIC

  • 25140000Metal Household Furniture
  • 25140100Metal Bedroom Furniture
  • 25140101Beds, Including Folding And Cabinet, Household: Metal
  • 25140102Frames For Box Springs Or Bedsprings: Metal
  • 25140200Metal Kitchen And Dining Room Furniture
  • 25140201Breakfast Sets, Household: Metal
  • 25140202Chairs, Household: Metal
  • 25140203Dinette Sets: Metal
  • 25140204Kitchen Cabinets: Metal
  • 25140205Stools, Household, Padded Or Plain: Metal
  • 25140206Tables, Household: Metal
  • 25140301Cribs: Metal
  • 25140302Juvenile Furniture, Household: Metal
  • 25140303Nursery Furniture: Metal
  • 25140400Metal Game Room Furniture
  • 25140401Bridge Sets (furniture): Metal
  • 25140402Club Room Furniture, Household: Metal
  • 25140500Metal Bookcases And Stereo Cabinets
  • 25140501Bookcases, Household: Metal
  • 25140502Cabinets, Radio And Television: Metal
  • 25140600Metal Lawn And Garden Furniture
  • 25140601Garden Furniture, Metal
  • 25140602Gliders (furniture), Padded Or Plain: Metal
  • 25140603Hammocks: Metal Or Fabric And Metal Combination
  • 25140604Lawn Furniture: Metal
  • 25140605Porch Swings: Metal
  • 25149901Backs And Seats For Metal Household Furniture
  • 25149902Camp Furniture: Metal
  • 25149903Cots, Household: Metal
  • 25149904Household Furniture: Upholstered On Metal Frames
  • 25149905Medicine Cabinets And Vanities: Metal
  • 25149906Novelty Furniture, Household: Metal
  • 25149907Serving Carts And Tea Wagons: Metal
  • 25149908Smoking Stands: Metal