SIC Code 2077 Animal and Marine Fats and Oils




Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing animal oils, including fish oil and other marine animal oils, and fish and animal meal; and those rendering inedible stearin, grease, and tallow from animal fat, bones, and meat scraps.

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing lard and edible tallow and stearin are classified in Industry Group 201; those refining marine animal oils for medicinal purposes are classified in Industry 2833; and those manufacturing fatty acids are classified in Industry 2899

Illustrative Examples

  • Feather meal
  • Fish liver oils, crude
  • Fish meal
  • Fish oil and fish oil meal
  • Grease rendering, inedible
  • Meal, meat and bone: not prepared as feed
  • Meat and bone meal and tankage
  • Oils, animal
  • Oils, fish and marine animal: e.g., herring, menhaden, whale
  • Rendering plants, inedible grease and tallow
  • Stearin, animal: inedible
  • Tallow rendering, inedible

Market Analysis - Sample Companies

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 207701Animal Carcass Removal (mfrs)
  • 207702Rendering Companies (mfrs)
  • 207703Fish By-products (manufacturers)
  • 207704Fat Dealers (manufacturers)
  • 207705Oils-animal & Fish (manufacturers)
  • 207798Animal & Marine Fats & Oils (mfrs)

7-digit SIC

  • 2077001Oils-animal & Fish Mfg
  • 2077002Inedible Tallow Rendering
  • 2077003Rendering Companies Mfg
  • 2077004Animal Fats, Oils & Meals
  • 2077005Animal Carcass Removal Mfg
  • 2077006Bone Meal (except Animal Feed)
  • 2077007Fat Dealers Mfg
  • 2077008Meat Meal & Tankage (except Animal Feed)
  • 2077009Marine Fats, Oils & Meals
  • 2077010Fish Meal (except Animal Feed)
  • 2077011Fish Oil
  • 2077012Refined Whale Oil
  • 2077013Inedible Grease Rendering
  • 2077014Inedible Animal Stearin

8-digit SIC

  • 20770000Animal And Marine Fats And Oils
  • 20770100Animal Fats, Oils, And Meals
  • 20770101Bone Meal, Except As Animal Feed
  • 20770103Meat Meal And Tankage, Except As Animal Feed
  • 20770200Marine Fats, Oils, And Meals
  • 20770202Fish Meal, Except As Animal Feed
  • 20770203Fish Oil
  • 20770207Whale Oil, Refined
  • 20770300Rendering
  • 20770301Grease Rendering, Inedible
  • 20770302Stearin, Animal: Inedible
  • 20770303Tallow Rendering, Inedible