NAICS Code 443142 Electronics Stores


Retail Trade


This U.S. industry comprises: (1) establishments known as consumer electronics stores primarily engaged in retailing a general line of new consumer-type electronic products such as televisions, computers, and cameras; (2) establishments specializing in retailing a single line of consumer-type electronic products; (3) establishments primarily engaged in retailing these new electronic products in combination with repair and support services; (4) establishments primarily engaged in retailing new prepackaged computer software; and/or (5) establishments primarily engaged in retailing prerecorded audio and video media, such as CDs, DVDs, and tapes.

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in
  • Retailing electronic goods via electronic home shopping, mail-order, or direct sale: classified in Subsector 454, Nonstore Retailers
  • Retailing automotive electronic sound systems: classified in Industry 441310, Automotive Parts and Accessories Stores
  • Retailing new computers, computer peripherals, and prepackaged software in combination with retailing new office equipment, office furniture, and office supplies: classified in Industry 453210, OfficeSupplies and Stationery Stores
  • Providing television or other electronic equipment repair services without retailing new televisions or electronic products: classified in Industry 81121, Electronic and Precision Equipment Repair andMaintenance
  • Developing film and/or making photographic slides, prints, and enlargements without retailing a range of new photographic equipment and supplies: classified in Industry 81292, Photofinishing
  • Retailing new electronic toys, such as dedicated video game consoles and handheld electronic games: classified in Industry 451120, Hobby, Toy, and Game Stores
  • Retailing used electronics: classified in Industry 453310, Used Merchandise Stores.

Illustrative Examples

  • Stereo stores (except automotive)
  • Consumer-type electronic stores (e.g., televisions, computers, cameras)
  • Camera shops, photographic
  • Radio and television stores
  • Computer stores

Industries Included

  • Audio equipment stores (except automotive)
  • Camera shops, photographic
  • Cellular telephone accessories stores
  • Citizens' band (CB) radio stores
  • Computer equipment stores
  • Computer stores
  • Consumer-type electronic stores (e.g., televisions, computers, cameras)
  • Electronic part and component stores
  • Music stores (e.g., cassette, compact disc, record, tape)
  • Pager and mobile phone stores
  • Cellular telephone stores
  • Mobile phone stores
  • Wireless phone stores
  • Photographic supply stores
  • Radio and television stores
  • Record stores, new
  • Software stores, computer
  • Stereo stores (except automotive)
  • Television and radio stores
  • TV (television) stores
  • Video game software stores
  • Video tape stores

Sample Business Listings