NAICS Code 337124 Metal Household Furniture Manufacturing




This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing metal household-type furniture and freestanding cabinets. The furniture may be made on a stock or custom basis and may be assembled or unassembled (i.e., knockdown).

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing specialized metal hospital furniture including beds are classified in Industry 33911, Medical Equipment and Supplies Manufacturing.

Industries Included

  • Beds (including cabinet and folding), metal household-type (except hospital), manufacturing
  • Bookcases, metal household-type, manufacturing
  • Cabinets, metal (i.e., bathroom, kitchen) (except freestanding), manufacturing
  • Cabinets, metal household-type, freestanding, manufacturing
  • Cabinets, metal, radio and television, manufacturing
  • Camp furniture, metal, manufacturing
  • Card table sets, metal, manufacturing
  • Chairs, metal household-type (except upholstered), manufacturing
  • Computer furniture, metal household-type, manufacturing
  • Cots, metal household-type, manufacturing
  • Cribs (i.e., baby beds), metal, manufacturing
  • Dinette sets, metal household-type, manufacturing
  • Dining room chairs (including upholstered), metal, manufacturing
  • Dining room furniture, metal household-type, manufacturing
  • Dressers, metal, manufacturing
  • Dressing tables, metal, manufacturing
  • End tables, metal, manufacturing
  • Furniture (except upholstered), metal household-type, manufacturing
  • Furniture, outdoor metal household-type (e.g., beach, garden, lawn, porch), manufacturing
  • Hammocks, metal framed, manufacturing
  • Home entertainment centers, metal, manufacturing
  • Juvenile furniture (except upholstered), metal manufacturing
  • Kitchen chairs (including upholstered), metal, manufacturing
  • Kitchen furniture, household-type, metal, manufacturing
  • Kitchen furniture, metal household-type, manufacturing
  • Lawn furniture, metal, manufacturing
  • Living room furniture (except upholstered), metal, manufacturing
  • Medicine cabinets, metal household-type, manufacturing
  • Nursery furniture, metal, manufacturing
  • Playpens, children's metal, manufacturing
  • Porch swings, metal, manufacturing
  • Serving carts, metal household-type, manufacturing
  • Stools, metal household-type (except upholstered), manufacturing
  • Tables, metal household-type, manufacturing
  • TV stands and similar stands for consumer electronics, metal, manufacturing
  • Vanities, metal household-type, manufacturing
  • Wardrobes, metal household-type, manufacturing
  • Water bed frames, metal, manufacturing
  • Wrought iron furniture (except upholstered), household-type, manufacturing

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