NAICS Code 33699 Other Transportation Equipment Manufacturing




This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing motorcycles, bicycles, metal tricycles, complete military armored vehicles, tanks, self-propelled weapons, vehicles pulled by draft animals, and other transportation equipment (except motor vehicles, boats, ships, railroad rolling stock, and aerospace products), including parts thereof.

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in
  • Manufacturing ships and boats: classified in Industry 33661, Ship and Boat Building
  • Manufacturing aerospace products and parts: classified in Industry 33641, Aerospace Product and Parts Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing motor vehicle parts: classified in Industry Group 3363, Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing children's vehicles (except bicycles and metal tricycles): classified in Industry 33993, Doll, Toy, and Game Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing railroad rolling stock: classified in Industry 33651, Railroad Rolling Stock Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing motor vehicles: classified in Industry Group 3361, Motor Vehicle Manufacturing.

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