NAICS Code 332994 Small Arms, Ordnance, and Ordnance Accessories Manufacturing




This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing small arms, other ordnance, and/or ordnance accessories.

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in
  • Manufacturing military tanks: classified in U.S. Industry 336992, Military Armored Vehicle, Tank, and Tank Component Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing guided missiles: classified in U.S. Industry 336414, Guided Missile and Space Vehicle Manufacturing.

Industries Included

  • Aircraft artillery manufacturing
  • Ammunition carts manufacturing
  • Antiaircraft artillery manufacturing
  • Antisubmarine projectors manufacturing
  • Antitank rocket launchers manufacturing
  • Barrels, gun, manufacturing
  • BB guns manufacturing
  • Belts, machine gun, manufacturing
  • Bofors guns manufacturing
  • Cannons manufacturing
  • Carbines manufacturing
  • Catapult guns manufacturing
  • Clips, gun, manufacturing
  • Cylinders and clips, gun, manufacturing
  • Dart guns manufacturing
  • Depth charge projectors manufacturing
  • Field artillery manufacturing
  • Firearms, small, manufacturing
  • Flame throwers manufacturing
  • Generators, smoke, manufacturing
  • Grenade launchers manufacturing
  • Gun barrels manufacturing
  • Gun cleaning kits manufacturing
  • Gun magazines manufacturing
  • Gun turrets manufacturing
  • Guns manufacturing
  • Guns, BB and pellet, manufacturing
  • Howitzers manufacturing
  • Links, ammunition, manufacturing
  • Livens projectors (i.e., ordnance) manufacturing
  • Machine gun belts manufacturing
  • Machine guns manufacturing
  • Mortars manufacturing
  • Naval artillery manufacturing
  • Oerlikon guns manufacturing
  • Pellet guns manufacturing
  • Pistols manufacturing
  • Projectors (e.g., antisub, depth charge release, grenade, livens, rocket), ordnance, manufacturing
  • Pyrotechnic pistols and projectors manufacturing
  • Recoil mechanisms, gun, manufacturing
  • Recoilless rifles manufacturing
  • Revolvers manufacturing
  • Rifles (except toy) manufacturing
  • Rifles, BB and pellet, manufacturing
  • Rifles, pneumatic, manufacturing
  • Rifles, recoilless, manufacturing
  • Rocket launchers manufacturing
  • Shotguns manufacturing
  • Smoke generators manufacturing
  • Submachine guns manufacturing
  • Tampion guns manufacturing
  • Tank artillery manufacturing
  • Torpedo tubes manufacturing
  • Tranquilizer guns, manufacturing
  • Turrets, gun, manufacturing

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