NAICS Code 327991 Cut Stone and Stone Product Manufacturing




This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in cutting, shaping, and finishing granite, marble, limestone, slate, and other stone for building and miscellaneous uses. Stone product manufacturing establishments may mine, quarry, or purchase stone.

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in
  • Mining or quarrying stone: classified in Industry Group 2123, Nonmetallic Mineral Mining and Quarrying
  • Buying and selling semifinished monuments and tombstones with no work other than polishing, lettering, or shaping to custom order: classified in Sector 42, Wholesale Trade or Sector 44-45, Retail Trade.

Industries Included

  • Architectural sculptures, stone, manufacturing
  • Baptismal fonts, cut stone, manufacturing
  • Blackboards, unframed, slate, manufacturing
  • Burial vaults, stone, manufacturing
  • Countertops, stone, manufacturing
  • Curbing, granite and stone, manufacturing
  • Cut stone bases (e.g., desk sets pedestals, lamps, plaques and similar small particles) manufacturing
  • Cut stone products (e.g., blocks, statuary) manufacturing
  • Dimension stone dressing and manufacturing
  • Dimension stone for buildings manufacturing
  • Ecclesiastical statuary, stone, manufacturing
  • Flagstones cutting
  • Furniture, cut stone (i.e., benches, tables, church), manufacturing
  • Garden furniture, stone, manufacturing
  • Monuments and tombstone, cut stone (except finishing or lettering to order only), manufacturing
  • Slate products manufacturing
  • Statuary, marble, manufacturing
  • Table tops, marble, manufacturing

Industry Leaders

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Industry Overview

Total Companies:1537

Est. Employment:12249