NAICS Code 325520 Adhesive Manufacturing




This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing adhesives, glues, and caulking compounds.

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in
  • Manufacturing asphalt and tar roofing cements from purchased asphaltic materials: classified in U.S. Industry 324122, Asphalt Shingle and Coating Materials Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing gypsum based caulking compounds: classified in Industry 327420, Gypsum Product Manufacturing.

Industries Included

  • Adhesives (except asphalt, dental, gypsum base) manufacturing
  • Caulking compounds (except gypsum base) manufacturing
  • Cement, rubber, manufacturing
  • Construction adhesives (except asphalt, gypsum base) manufacturing
  • Dextrin glues manufacturing
  • Epoxy adhesives manufacturing
  • Glues (except dental) manufacturing
  • Joint compounds (except gypsum base) manufacturing
  • Mucilage adhesives manufacturing
  • Pastes, adhesive, manufacturing
  • Pipe sealing compounds manufacturing
  • Plumbers' putty manufacturing
  • Rubber cements manufacturing
  • Sealing compounds for pipe threads and joints manufacturing
  • Starch glues manufacturing
  • Tile adhesives manufacturing

Industry Leaders

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Industry Overview

Total Companies:409

Est. Employment:15051