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Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing sheet metal work for buildings, and manufacturing stovepipes, light tanks, and other products of sheet metal.


SIC Code 3444 - Sheet Metal Work is a final level code of the “Manufacturing” Division. There are 3,123 companies classified in this industry in the USA with an estimated employment of 87,161 people.

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Industry Examples

Common types of examples within SIC Code 3444 - Sheet Metal Work are:

  • Air cowls, scoops, or airports (ship ventilators), sheet metal
  • Awnings, sheet metal
  • Bins, prefabricated: sheet metal
  • Booths, spray prefabricated sheet metal
  • Canopies, sheet metal
  • Casings, sheet metal
  • Coal chutes, prefabricated sheet metal
  • Cooling towers, sheet metal
  • Cornices, sheet metal
  • Culverts, sheet metal
  • Dampers, sheet metal
  • Door hoods, aluminum
  • Downspouts, sheet metal
  • Ducts, sheet metal
  • Eaves, sheet metal
  • Elbows for conductor pipe, hot air ducts, and stovepipe: sheet metal
  • Flooring, cellular steel
  • Flues, stove and furnace: sheet metal
  • Flumes, sheet metal
  • Forming machine work for the trade except stampings: sheet metal
  • Forms for concrete, sheet metal
  • Furnace casings, sheet metal
  • Guardrails, highway: sheet metal
  • Gutters, sheet metal
  • Hoods, range sheet metal
  • Hoppers, sheet metal
  • Housings for business machines, sheet metal except stamped
  • Irrigation pipe, sheet metal
  • Joists, sheet metal
  • Laundry hampers, sheet metal
  • Louvers, sheet metal
  • Machine guards, sheet metal
  • Mail chutes, sheet metal
  • Mail collection or storage boxes, sheet metal
  • Pile shells, sheet metal
  • Pipe, sheet metal
  • Post office collection boxes
  • Radiator shields and enclosures, sheet metal
  • Restaurant sheet metal work
  • Roof deck, sheet metal
  • Sheet metal specialties, not stamped
  • Siding, sheet metal
  • Skylights, sheet metal
  • Spouts, sheet metal
  • Stove boards, sheet metal
  • Stove pipe and flues, sheet metal
  • Studs, sheet metal
  • Troughs, elevator: sheet metal
  • Vats, sheet metal
  • Ventilators, sheet metal
  • Wells, light: sheet metal

Industry Image

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For some business types, there may be a similar industry to SIC Code 3444 - Sheet Metal Work that is a better classification match.

Does not include fabrication work done by construction contractors at the place of construction.

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Alternative SIC Code Categories for SIC 3444

For business marketing and targeting purposes, please refer to the Extended SIC Codes (6-digit).

7-digit SIC

  • 3444001Sheet Metal Fabricators (manufacturers)
  • 3444002Sheet Metal Specialties
  • 3444003Duct & Duct Fittings (manufacturers)
  • 3444004Sheet Metal Concrete Forms
  • 3444005Sheet Metal Awnings
  • 3444006Sheet Metal Gutters
  • 3444007Metal Roofing & Roof Drainage Equipment
  • 3444008Awnings & Canopies
  • 3444009Metal Housings, Enclosures, Casings & Other Containers
  • 3444010Metal Ventilating Equipment
  • 3444011Sheet Metal Culverts
  • 3444012Sheet Metal Roof Deck
  • 3444013Sheet Metal Forming Machine Work
  • 3444014Siding Materials (manufacturers)
  • 3444015Sheet Metal Work-Ventilators
  • 3444016Restaurant Sheet Metal Work
  • 3444017Skylights (manufacturers)
  • 3444018Sheet Metal Work-Canopies
  • 3444019Culverts, Flumes & Pipes
  • 3444020Metals-Clad (manufacturers)
  • 3444021Flumes, Sheet Metal
  • 3444022Irrigation Pipe, Sheet Metal
  • 3444023Gutters & Downspouts (manufacturers)
  • 3444024Postal Boxes (manufacturers)
  • 3444025Pipe, Sheet Metal
  • 3444026Roof Curbs (manufacturers)
  • 3444027Cowls Or Scoops-Air
  • 3444028Stove-Pipe (manufacturers)
  • 3444029Elbows For Air Ducts, Stovepipes, Etc-Sheet Metal
  • 3444030Sheet Metal Working Equipment Supplies (manufacturers)
  • 3444031Flues & Pipes-Stove Or Furnace-Sheet Metal
  • 3444032Downspouts, Sheet Metal
  • 3444033Eaves, Sheet Metal
  • 3444034Spouts, Sheet Metal
  • 3444035Metal Flooring & Siding
  • 3444036Cornices, Sheet Metal
  • 3444037Flooring, Cellular Steel
  • 3444038Bins, Prefabricated Sheet Metal
  • 3444039Booths-Spray-Prefabricated Sheet Metal
  • 3444040Casings, Sheet Metal
  • 3444041Furnace Casings, Sheet Metal
  • 3444042Range Hoods & Canopies (manufacturers)
  • 3444043Hoppers (manufacturers)
  • 3444044Housings For Business Machines, Sheet Metal
  • 3444045Laundry Hampers, Sheet Metal
  • 3444046Guards-Machine (manufacturers)
  • 3444047Mail Collection Or Storage Boxes
  • 3444048Radiator Shields Or Enclosures, Sheet Metal
  • 3444049Vats, Sheet Metal
  • 3444050Door Hoods, Aluminum
  • 3444051Coal Chutes, Prefabricated Sheet Metal
  • 3444052Cooling Towers, Sheet Metal
  • 3444053Guard Rails-Highway-Sheet Metal
  • 3444054Mail Chutes (manufacturers)
  • 3444055Pile Shells, Sheet Metal
  • 3444056Studs & Joists, Sheet Metal
  • 3444057Wells-Light-Sheet Metal

8-digit SIC

  • 34440000Sheet Metalwork
  • 34440100Culverts, Flumes, And Pipes
  • 34440101Culverts, Sheet Metal
  • 34440102Flumes, Sheet Metal
  • 34440103Irrigation Pipe, Sheet Metal
  • 34440104Pipe, Sheet Metal
  • 34440200Metal Ventilating Equipment
  • 34440201Cowls Or Scoops, Air (ship Ventilators): Sheet Metal
  • 34440202Ducts, Sheet Metal
  • 34440203Elbows, For Air Ducts, Stovepipes, Etc.: Sheet Metal
  • 34440204Flues And Pipes, Stove Or Furnace: Sheet Metal
  • 34440205Ventilators, Sheet Metal
  • 34440300Metal Roofing And Roof Drainage Equipment
  • 34440301Downspouts, Sheet Metal
  • 34440302Eaves, Sheet Metal
  • 34440303Gutters, Sheet Metal
  • 34440304Roof Deck, Sheet Metal
  • 34440305Skylights, Sheet Metal
  • 34440306Spouts, Sheet Metal
  • 34440400Metal Flooring And Siding
  • 34440401Cornices, Sheet Metal
  • 34440402Flooring, Cellular Steel
  • 34440403Siding, Sheet Metal
  • 34440500Metal Housings, Enclosures, Casings, And Other Containers
  • 34440501Bins, Prefabricated Sheet Metal
  • 34440502Booths, Spray: Prefabricated Sheet Metal
  • 34440503Casings, Sheet Metal
  • 34440504Furnace Casings, Sheet Metal
  • 34440505Hoods, Range: Sheet Metal
  • 34440506Hoppers, Sheet Metal
  • 34440507Housings For Business Machines, Sheet Metal
  • 34440508Laundry Hampers, Sheet Metal
  • 34440509Machine Guards, Sheet Metal
  • 34440510Mail (post Office) Collection Or Storage Boxes, Sheet Metal
  • 34440511Radiator Shields Or Enclosures, Sheet Metal
  • 34440512Vats, Sheet Metal
  • 34440600Awnings And Canopies
  • 34440601Awnings, Sheet Metal
  • 34440602Canopies, Sheet Metal
  • 34440603Door Hoods, Aluminum
  • 34449901Coal Chutes, Prefabricated Sheet Metal
  • 34449902Concrete Forms, Sheet Metal
  • 34449903Cooling Towers, Sheet Metal
  • 34449904Forming Machine Work, Sheet Metal
  • 34449905Guard Rails, Highway: Sheet Metal
  • 34449906Mail Chutes, Sheet Metal
  • 34449907Pile Shells, Sheet Metal
  • 34449908Restaurant Sheet Metalwork
  • 34449909Sheet Metal Specialties, Not Stamped
  • 34449911Studs And Joists, Sheet Metal
  • 34449912Wells, Light: Sheet Metal