What to Expect from an Email Campaign?

Email has become a leading form of B2B communication. There are many advantages to this mode of communication, however it is still not without its challenges.


The Majority of Email Deployment and Marketing Automation companies do not allow non permission-based/purchased emails lists, and you should review their policies before uploading a list. We recommend using the specialty service from Clickback to ensure compliance.


Below are some of the bounce results and challenges that can be expected with unsolicited / permission-based email marketing:

  • Blocked Messages
  • Mailbox Full
  • Non-existent
  • Undeliverable
  • Vacation / Auto reply

Not every company actively uses email

Certain industries have lower rates of use for email (ie: Contractors). There are some companies that only have one email address that is promoted on a company website (info@companyname). These emails will not be able to be directly linked with an employee at that company. If email is your only form of communication, you will be missing out on companies that are potential customers for your business offering.

Whereas a good Direct Mailing campaign deliverabilty should be greater than 90%, a good email campaign delivery rate is the 70% range.


The rate of change of employees from company-to-company and position-to-position is greater than the rate of change of company data. There are also outside factors suchs as firewalls, junk mail folders, server maintenance issues, etc. that will prevent your message from being seen.


While email marketing is quick and easy, cheaper than direct mailing, less time consuming than cold calling, and there is strong tracking software programs that can be used, it should not be the only form of marketing used to acquire new customers or promote your products and services.

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