What Abbreviations Are Used In The SIC Code System?

Throughout the SIC Code manual, a researcher will encounter various abbreviations.  Although many may be recognizable in other usage systems, some are unique to the SIC Code Manual.  Please see the list below for the full glossary terms for the abbreviations encountered on the SICCODE.com site, as well as the SIC Code Manual:

admin - administration

& - and

etc - et cetera (and so forth)

exc. or ex - except

inti -  International

inst - institutions

mach - machinery

misc - miscellaneous

mfg - manufacturing

mfpm - made from purchased materials or materials transferred from another establishment

mitse - made in the same establishment as the basic materials

nec - not elsewhere classified*

trans - transportation

* Note: The digit "9" appearing in the third-or-fourth-digit position of the classification code usually designates miscellaneous three-digit industry groups or four-digit industries covering establishments not elsewhere classified. These residual classifications do not usually constitute homogeneous primary activity groups; for purposes of the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system they are grouped together and treated as a separate industry to retain the homogeneity of the other industries in the group.