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This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in growing peanuts.


NAICS Code 111992 - Peanut Farming is a final level code of the “Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting” Sector.

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Industry Examples

Common types of examples within NAICS Code 111992 - Peanut Farming are:

  • Peanut farming

Industry Executives

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USA Import, Export, and Balance of Trade

Import (USD)


Export (USD)


Balance of Trade (USD)


Top Countries by U.S. Imports

Mexico $3,575,271
Nicaragua $1,553,539
Paraguay $833,020
Germany $486,657
Ecuador $97,468

Top Countries by U.S. Exports

Mexico $112,016,991
Canada $109,096,306
Netherlands $70,748,182
China $38,336,603
Japan $25,078,885

Countries With Highest Trade Surplus

Canada $109,096,306
Mexico $108,441,720
Netherlands $70,748,182
China $38,336,603
Japan $25,078,885

Countries With Highest Trade Deficit

Nicaragua -$1,041,937
Paraguay -$833,020
Ecuador -$97,468
Israel -$12,512
Brazil -$2,177

U.S. Total Import value for NAICS Code 111992 is $6,574,280. Mexico, Nicaragua, and Paraguay accounted for the top imports of Peanuts in 2018.

U.S. Total Export value for this industry is $454,089,611. Mexico, Canada, and Netherlands accounted for the top exports of Peanuts in 2018.

Questions & Answers

  • What is the largest size for a business in Peanut Farming to remain classified as a small business?

    Any business in Peanut Farming with average annual receipts under 1 million USD may be classified as a small business by SBA and Federal government programs.