NAICS Code 111 - Crop Production

NAICS Code 111 Description

Industries in the Crop Production subsector grow crops mainly for food and fiber. The subsector comprises establishments, such as farms, orchards, groves, greenhouses, and nurseries, primarily engaged in growing crops, plants, vines, or trees and their seeds. The industries in this subsector are grouped by similarity of production activity, including biological and physiological characteristics and economic requirements, the length of growing season, degree of crop rotation, extent of input specialization, labor requirements, and capital demands. The production process is typically completed when the raw product or commodity grown reaches the "farm gate" for market, that is, at the point of first sale or price determination. Establishments are classified to the Crop Production subsector when crop production (i.e., value of crops for market) accounts for one-half or more of the establishment's total agricultural production. Within the subsector, establishments are classified to a specific industry when a product or industry family of products (i.e., oilseed and grain farming, vegetable and melon farming, fruit and tree nut farming) account for one-half or more of the establishment's agricultural production. Establishments with one-half or more crop production with no one product or family of products of an industry accounting for one-half of the establishment's agricultural production are treated as general combination crop farming and are classified in NAICS Code - 11199 All Other Crop Farming. Industries in the Crop Production subsector include establishments that own, operate, and manage and those that operate and manage. Those that manage only are classified in NAICS Code - 115 Support Activities for Agriculture and Forestry. Establishments that raise aquatic plants in controlled or selected aquatic environments are classified in NAICS Code - 112 Animal Production and Aquaculture.

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Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting

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USA Import, Export, and Balance of Trade

Import (USD)


Export (USD)


Balance of Trade (USD)


Top Countries by U.S. Imports

Mexico $13,046,366,284
Canada $4,600,807,493
Colombia $2,094,795,324
Chile $2,074,549,304
Guatemala $1,793,678,612

Top Countries by U.S. Exports

Mexico $8,065,525,312
Canada $7,705,832,979
Japan $6,102,662,054
China $5,852,907,120
Korea, South $3,448,575,389

Top Importing States

California $9,308,341,564
Florida $4,889,816,941
Texas $4,520,016,012
New Jersey $2,681,078,802
Arizona $2,412,819,829

Top Exporting States

Louisiana $14,479,526,895
California $13,496,771,528
Washington $10,772,170,766
Texas $5,555,711,200
Illinois $2,200,402,016

Countries With Highest Trade Surplus

Japan $6,080,426,505
China $5,236,444,071
Korea, South $3,391,837,999
Canada $3,105,025,486
Taiwan $2,243,082,326

Countries With Highest Trade Deficit

Mexico -$4,980,840,972
Chile -$1,930,972,759
Guatemala -$1,283,407,864
Brazil -$1,115,800,890
Costa Rica -$943,630,102

U.S. Total Import value for NAICS Code 111 is $37,866,696,477. Mexico, Canada, and Colombia accounted for the top imports of Agricultural Products in 2018. States with most imports of Agricultural Products in 2018 were California, Florida, and Texas.

U.S. Total Export value for this industry is $67,129,826,395. Mexico, Canada, and Japan accounted for the top exports of Agricultural Products in 2018. States with most exports of Agricultural Products in 2018 were Louisiana, California, and Washington.

Questions & Answers

  • How many active businesses operate in NAICS Code 111?

    There are 32,993 verified business locations operating primarily in this industry.