ISIC Code O - Public Administration And Defence; Compulsory Social Security


This section includes activities of a governmental nature, normally carried out by the public administration. This includes the enactment and judicial interpretation of laws and their pursuant regulation, as well as the administration of programmes based on them, legislative activities, taxation, national defence, public order and safety, immigration services, foreign affairs and the administration of government programmes.

The legal or institutional status is not, in itself, the determining factor for an activity to belong in this section, rather than the activity being of a nature specified in the previous paragraph. This means that activities classified elsewhere in ISIC do not fall under this section, even if carried out by public entities. For example, administration of the school system (i.e. regulations, checks, curricula) falls under this section, but teaching itself does not (see ISIC Code - P), and a prison or military hospital is classified to health (see ISIC Code - Q). Similarly, some activities described in this section may be carried out by non-government units.
This section also includes compulsory social security activities.

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