ISIC Code 8810 - Social Work Activities Without Accommodation For The Elderly And Disabled


This class includes:

  • Social, counselling, welfare, referral and similar services which are aimed at the elderly and disabled in their homes or elsewhere and carried out by public or by private organizations, national or local self-help organizations and by specialists providing counselling services:
    • Visiting of the elderly and disabled
    • Day-care activities for the elderly or for handicapped adults
    • Vocational rehabilitation and habilitation activities for disabled persons provided that the education component is limited


This class excludes:

  • Funding and administration of compulsory social security programmes, see ISIC Code - 8430
  • Activities similar to those described in this class, but including accommodation, see ISIC Code - 8730
  • Day-care activities for handicapped children, see ISIC Code - 8890

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