ISIC Code 8110 - Combined Facilities Support Activities


This class includes:

  • Provision of a combination of support services within a client's facility, such as general interior cleaning, maintenance, trash disposal, guard and security, mail routing, reception, laundry and related services to support operations within facilities

Units classified here provide operating staff to carry out these support activities, but are not involved with or responsible for the core business or activities of the client.


This class excludes:

  • Provision of only one of the support services (e.g. general interior cleaning services) or addressing only a single function (e.g. heating), see the appropriate class according to the service provided
  • Provision of management and operating staff for the complete operation of a client's establishment, such as a hotel, restaurant, mine, or hospital, see the class of the unit operated
  • Provision of on site management and operation of a client's computer systems and/or data processing facilities, see ISIC Code - 6202
  • Operation of correctional facilities on a contract or fee basis, see ISIC Code - 8423

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