ISIC Code 7010 - Activities Of Head Offices


This class includes the overseeing and managing of other units of the company or enterprise; undertaking the strategic or organizational planning and decision making role of the company or enterprise; exercising operational control and manage the day-to-day operations of their related units.

This class includes activities of:

  • Head offices
  • Centralized administrative offices
  • Corporate offices
  • District and regional offices
  • Subsidiary management offices
  • Activities of dental paramedical personnel such as dental therapists, school dental nurses and dental hygienists, who may work remote from, but are periodically supervised by, the dentist
  • Activities of medical laboratories such as:
    • X-ray laboratories and other diagnostic imaging centres
    • Blood analysis laboratories
  • Activities of blood banks, sperm banks, transplant organ banks etc.
  • Ambulance transport of patients by any mode of transport including airplanes. These services are often provided during a medical emergency.


This class excludes:

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