ISIC Code 3821 - Treatment And Disposal Of Non-Hazardous Waste


This class includes the disposal, treatment prior to disposal and other treatment of solid or non-solid non-hazardous waste.

This class includes:

  • Operation of landfills for the disposal of non-hazardous waste
  • Disposal of non-hazardous waste by combustion or incineration or other methods, with or without the resulting production of electricity or steam, substitute fuels, biogas, ashes or other by-products for further use etc.
  • Treatment of organic waste for disposal
  • Production of compost from organic waste


This class excludes:

  • Incineration and combustion of hazardous waste, see ISIC Code - 3822
  • Operation of facilities where commingled recoverable materials such as paper, plastics, used beverage cans and metals, are sorted into distinct categories, see ISIC Code - 3830
  • Decontamination, clean up of land, water; toxic material abatement, see ISIC Code - 3900

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