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NAICS Code 621340-09 Description (8-Digit)

Speech Pathologists are professionals who diagnose and treat communication and swallowing disorders in patients of all ages. They work with individuals who have difficulty with speech, language, voice, fluency, and cognitive communication. Speech Pathologists also help patients with swallowing disorders caused by medical conditions such as stroke, traumatic brain injury, or neurological disorders. They develop individualized treatment plans to improve patients' communication and swallowing abilities, and may work in a variety of settings including hospitals, schools, rehabilitation centers, and private practices.

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Tools commonly used in the Speech Pathologists industry for day-to-day tasks and operations.

  • Articulation apps
  • Language therapy apps
  • Swallowing assessment tools
  • Voice therapy software
  • Augmentative and alternative communication devices
  • Oral motor therapy tools
  • Stuttering modification tools
  • Cognitive communication therapy materials
  • Dysphagia treatment tools
  • Speech therapy games

Industry Examples of Speech Pathologists

Common products and services typical of NAICS Code 621340-09, illustrating the main business activities and contributions to the market.

  • Articulation therapy
  • Language development
  • Voice disorders
  • Fluency therapy
  • Cognitive communication therapy
  • Swallowing therapy
  • Accent modification
  • Speech sound disorders
  • Aphasia treatment
  • Dysarthria therapy

Certifications, Compliance and Licenses for NAICS Code 621340-09 - Speech Pathologists

The specific certifications, permits, licenses, and regulatory compliance requirements within the United States for this industry.

  • Certificate Of Clinical Competence In Speech-Language Pathology (CCC-SLP): This certification is offered by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) and is required by many employers in the US for speech pathologists. It demonstrates that the holder has met the academic and clinical requirements for the profession.
  • State Licensure: All states in the US require speech pathologists to be licensed to practice. The requirements for licensure vary by state, but typically include a graduate degree in speech-language pathology, completion of a supervised clinical fellowship, and passing a national exam. The state licensing board is responsible for issuing licenses.
  • Teacher Certification: Some speech pathologists work in schools and may need to obtain a teaching certificate in addition to their speech-language pathology license. The requirements for teacher certification vary by state.
  • Clinical Fellowship: After completing a graduate program in speech-language pathology, individuals must complete a clinical fellowship under the supervision of a licensed speech pathologist. This fellowship typically lasts for nine months and provides hands-on experience in the field.
  • Board Certified Specialist: The Board Certified Specialist certification is offered by the Specialty Board on Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders (SBSSD) and demonstrates advanced knowledge and skills in the area of swallowing disorders. It is not required for practice, but may be preferred by some employers.


A concise historical narrative of NAICS Code 621340-09 covering global milestones and recent developments within the United States.

  • The field of speech pathology has a long and rich history, dating back to ancient Greece where philosophers such as Aristotle and Plato wrote about speech and language disorders. In the 18th and 19th centuries, physicians and educators began to develop techniques to treat speech and language disorders, and in the early 20th century, the first professional organizations for speech pathologists were established. Notable advancements in the field include the development of the first electronic speech synthesizer in the 1930s, the introduction of the first speech pathology program at a university in the 1940s, and the creation of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association in the 1960s. In recent years, the field has seen significant growth due to increased awareness of speech and language disorders, advances in technology, and the aging of the population. In the United States, the field of speech pathology has undergone significant changes in recent history. In the 1980s and 1990s, the focus shifted from a medical model to a more educational model, with an emphasis on early intervention and prevention. The use of technology has also become more prevalent, with the development of computer-based therapy programs and the use of telepractice to provide services to clients in remote areas. In addition, the field has become more diverse, with an increased focus on cultural competence and the needs of underserved populations. Overall, the field of speech pathology continues to evolve and adapt to meet the changing needs of clients and society.

Future Outlook for Speech Pathologists

The anticipated future trajectory of the NAICS 621340-09 industry in the USA, offering insights into potential trends, innovations, and challenges expected to shape its landscape.

  • Growth Prediction: Growing

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of speech-language pathologists is projected to grow 25 percent from 2019 to 2029, which is much faster than the average for all occupations. The demand for speech pathologists is expected to increase as the baby-boom population ages and as awareness of speech and language disorders increases. Additionally, advances in telepractice, which allows speech pathologists to provide services remotely, are expected to increase the demand for speech pathologists in rural areas and schools. Overall, the future outlook for the industry "Speech Pathologists" in the USA is positive and promising.

Industry Innovations for NAICS Code 621340-09

Recent groundbreaking advancements and milestones in the Speech Pathologists industry, reflecting notable innovations that have reshaped its landscape.

  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Devices: AAC devices are designed to help individuals with communication disorders to communicate more effectively. These devices can range from simple picture boards to high-tech speech-generating devices that use eye-tracking technology to allow individuals to communicate with their eyes.
  • Telepractice: Telepractice allows speech pathologists to provide services remotely, which is especially useful for individuals who live in rural areas or who have difficulty traveling to appointments. Telepractice has become increasingly popular during the COVID-19 pandemic and is expected to continue to grow in popularity in the future.
  • Early Intervention: Early intervention is key to helping children with speech and language disorders. Speech pathologists are working to identify speech and language disorders earlier and to provide services to children as early as possible to improve outcomes.
  • Multicultural Competence: Speech pathologists are increasingly recognizing the importance of cultural competence in their work. They are working to provide services that are culturally sensitive and to address the unique needs of individuals from diverse backgrounds.
  • Research on Brain Plasticity: Research on brain plasticity is helping speech pathologists to better understand how the brain can change and adapt in response to therapy. This research is leading to new approaches to therapy that are more effective and efficient.

NAICS Code 621340-09 - Speech Pathologists

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