NAICS Code 423390-30 - Store Fronts-Materials & Supplies (Wholesale)

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NAICS Code 423390-30 Description (8-Digit)

Store Fronts-Materials & Supplies (Wholesale) is a subdivision of the NAICS Code 423390 that deals with the wholesale distribution of materials and supplies used in the construction of store fronts. This industry involves the sale of a wide range of products such as glass, aluminum frames, doors, windows, and other materials used in the construction of store fronts. The industry caters to the needs of contractors, builders, and other professionals involved in the construction of commercial buildings.

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Tools commonly used in the Store Fronts-Materials & Supplies (Wholesale) industry for day-to-day tasks and operations.

  • Glass cutters
  • Glass suction cups
  • Glass polishing tools
  • Aluminum frame cutters
  • Aluminum frame crimpers
  • Power drills
  • Screwdrivers
  • Measuring tapes
  • Levels
  • Caulking guns
  • Glue guns
  • Hammers
  • Pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Saws

Industry Examples of Store Fronts-Materials & Supplies (Wholesale)

Common products and services typical of NAICS Code 423390-30, illustrating the main business activities and contributions to the market.

  • Glass panels
  • Aluminum frames
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Locks
  • Hinges
  • Handles
  • Weatherstripping
  • Thresholds
  • Seals

Certifications, Compliance and Licenses for NAICS Code 423390-30 - Store Fronts-Materials & Supplies (Wholesale)

The specific certifications, permits, licenses, and regulatory compliance requirements within the United States for this industry.

  • National Glass Association (NGA) Certification: The NGA provides certification for glaziers, which is a professional credential that demonstrates a high level of skill and knowledge in the glass industry. The certification is earned through a combination of education, experience, and passing an exam. Certification is available for both auto and flat glass.
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Certification: OSHA provides certification for workers in the construction industry, including those who work with glass and storefront materials. The certification demonstrates that workers have received training in safety procedures and are knowledgeable about the hazards of their work.
  • American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) Certification: AAMA provides certification for manufacturers of storefront materials, including windows, doors, and curtain walls. The certification demonstrates that products meet industry standards for performance and quality.
  • National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) Certification: NFRC provides certification for products that meet energy efficiency standards, including storefront materials such as windows and doors. The certification demonstrates that products have been tested and meet industry standards for energy efficiency.
  • International Code Council (ICC) Certification: ICC provides certification for building inspectors, including those who inspect storefronts and other commercial buildings. The certification demonstrates that inspectors have knowledge of building codes and regulations and are qualified to perform inspections.


A concise historical narrative of NAICS Code 423390-30 covering global milestones and recent developments within the United States.

  • The "Store Fronts-Materials & Supplies (Wholesale)" industry has a long history dating back to the early 20th century when the use of glass in architecture became popular. The industry has since grown to include a wide range of materials and supplies used in the construction of storefronts, including aluminum, steel, and various types of glass. Notable advancements in the industry include the development of energy-efficient glass and the use of computer-aided design (CAD) software to create more complex and intricate storefront designs. In recent history, the industry has seen a shift towards sustainable and eco-friendly materials, as well as an increased focus on customization and personalization of storefront designs to meet the unique needs of individual businesses.

Future Outlook for Store Fronts-Materials & Supplies (Wholesale)

The anticipated future trajectory of the NAICS 423390-30 industry in the USA, offering insights into potential trends, innovations, and challenges expected to shape its landscape.

  • Growth Prediction: Stable

    The future outlook for the Store Fronts-Materials & Supplies (Wholesale) industry in the USA is positive. The industry is expected to grow in the coming years due to the increasing demand for construction materials and supplies. The growth of the construction industry, particularly in the commercial sector, is expected to drive the demand for store fronts-materials and supplies. Additionally, the increasing trend of green buildings and sustainable construction practices is expected to create new opportunities for the industry. The industry is also expected to benefit from the increasing adoption of e-commerce platforms, which will enable wholesalers to reach a wider customer base and streamline their operations. However, the industry may face challenges such as rising raw material costs, supply chain disruptions, and increasing competition from online retailers.

Industry Innovations for NAICS Code 423390-30

Recent groundbreaking advancements and milestones in the Store Fronts-Materials & Supplies (Wholesale) industry, reflecting notable innovations that have reshaped its landscape.

  • Energy-Efficient Glass: The industry has seen the development of energy-efficient glass that can help reduce energy consumption in buildings. This glass is designed to reflect heat and light, reducing the need for air conditioning and artificial lighting.
  • Smart Storefronts: The development of smart storefronts that can display digital content and interact with customers is an innovation that is gaining popularity in the industry. These storefronts can be used to display product information, promotions, and other content, enhancing the customer experience.
  • Sustainable Materials: The industry is seeing the development of sustainable materials such as recycled glass, bamboo, and reclaimed wood. These materials are eco-friendly and can help reduce the environmental impact of construction projects.
  • Online Marketplaces: The increasing adoption of online marketplaces such as Amazon Business and Alibaba is an innovation that is transforming the wholesale industry. These platforms enable wholesalers to reach a wider customer base and streamline their operations.
  • 3D Printing: The use of 3D printing technology in the industry is an innovation that is gaining traction. This technology can be used to create custom storefronts and other components, reducing lead times and costs.

NAICS Code 423390-30 - Store Fronts-Materials & Supplies (Wholesale)

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