NAICS Code 339116-04 - Laboratories-Dental (Manufacturing)

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NAICS Code 339116-04 Description (8-Digit)

Laboratories-Dental (Manufacturing) is a specialized industry that involves the manufacturing of dental prosthetics, such as dentures, bridges, and crowns. These prosthetics are custom-made to fit the unique needs of each patient, and are created using a variety of materials, including ceramics, metals, and plastics. The industry requires a high level of precision and attention to detail, as the prosthetics must fit perfectly in the patient's mouth and function properly.

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Tools commonly used in the Laboratories-Dental (Manufacturing) industry for day-to-day tasks and operations.

  • Dental milling machine
  • Dental scanner
  • Dental lathe
  • Dental articulator
  • Dental furnace
  • Dental sandblaster
  • Dental vacuum mixer
  • Dental waxing pen
  • Dental polishing kit
  • Dental porcelain oven

Industry Examples of Laboratories-Dental (Manufacturing)

Common products and services typical of NAICS Code 339116-04, illustrating the main business activities and contributions to the market.

  • Denture manufacturing
  • Crown and bridge manufacturing
  • Orthodontic appliance manufacturing
  • Implant abutment manufacturing
  • Dental model manufacturing
  • Dental appliance repair and reline services
  • Dental CAD/CAM services
  • Dental prosthetic design and consulting
  • Dental laboratory equipment manufacturing
  • Dental laboratory supply distribution

Certifications, Compliance and Licenses for NAICS Code 339116-04 - Laboratories-Dental (Manufacturing)

The specific certifications, permits, licenses, and regulatory compliance requirements within the United States for this industry.

  • Certified Dental Technician (CDT): A certification offered by the National Board for Certification in Dental Laboratory Technology (NBC) that demonstrates a dental technician's knowledge and skills in the field. The certification requires passing a written and practical exam.
  • Registered Dental Technician (RDT): A certification offered by the National Association of Dental Laboratories (NADL) that demonstrates a dental technician's knowledge and skills in the field. The certification requires passing a written and practical exam.
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Certification: A certification that demonstrates knowledge of OSHA regulations and safety procedures in the workplace. This certification is required for all dental laboratory workers who handle hazardous materials.
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Certification: A certification that demonstrates knowledge of EPA regulations and safety procedures in the workplace. This certification is required for all dental laboratory workers who handle hazardous materials.
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certification: A certification that demonstrates compliance with FDA regulations for the manufacturing of medical devices, including dental prosthetics. This certification is required for all dental laboratories that manufacture medical devices.


A concise historical narrative of NAICS Code 339116-04 covering global milestones and recent developments within the United States.

  • The history of the Laboratories-Dental (Manufacturing) industry dates back to the early 18th century when the first dental prosthetics were made from ivory and human teeth. In the 19th century, the industry saw significant advancements with the introduction of vulcanized rubber, which allowed for the mass production of dentures. The 20th century brought about the use of acrylic resin and porcelain, which improved the durability and aesthetics of dental prosthetics. In recent years, the industry has seen a shift towards digital dentistry, with the use of computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology to produce dental prosthetics. This has led to increased precision, efficiency, and customization in the manufacturing process. In the United States, the Laboratories-Dental (Manufacturing) industry has experienced steady growth over the past decade. This can be attributed to factors such as an aging population, increased awareness of dental health, and advancements in technology. The industry has also seen a rise in demand for cosmetic dentistry, which has driven innovation in the production of dental prosthetics. Overall, the industry has remained resilient despite economic downturns and is expected to continue to grow in the coming years.

Future Outlook for Laboratories-Dental (Manufacturing)

The anticipated future trajectory of the NAICS 339116-04 industry in the USA, offering insights into potential trends, innovations, and challenges expected to shape its landscape.

  • Growth Prediction: Growing

    The dental laboratories manufacturing industry is expected to grow in the coming years due to the increasing demand for dental prosthetics and orthodontic appliances. The aging population in the US is driving the demand for dental services, which in turn is driving the demand for dental laboratories. Additionally, the increasing awareness of dental health and the growing popularity of cosmetic dentistry are also contributing to the growth of the industry. However, the industry is facing challenges such as rising material costs and increasing competition from offshore manufacturers. To stay competitive, dental laboratories are investing in new technologies and equipment to improve their efficiency and quality of service. Overall, the industry is expected to continue growing in the coming years, albeit at a moderate pace.

Industry Innovations for NAICS Code 339116-04

Recent groundbreaking advancements and milestones in the Laboratories-Dental (Manufacturing) industry, reflecting notable innovations that have reshaped its landscape.

  • Digital Dentistry: The use of digital technologies such as CAD/CAM systems, 3D printing, and intraoral scanners is revolutionizing the dental laboratories manufacturing industry. These technologies enable faster, more accurate, and more efficient production of dental prosthetics and orthodontic appliances.
  • Zirconia Implants: Zirconia implants are a recent innovation in the dental industry that offer several advantages over traditional titanium implants. Zirconia implants are biocompatible, tooth-colored, and do not cause allergic reactions. They are also more resistant to corrosion and wear than titanium implants.
  • Removable Aligners: Removable aligners are a popular alternative to traditional braces for orthodontic treatment. They are made of clear plastic and can be easily removed for eating and cleaning. Dental laboratories are using digital technologies to produce custom-made aligners that fit the patient's teeth perfectly.
  • 3D Printing: 3D printing is being used in the dental laboratories manufacturing industry to produce a wide range of dental products such as crowns, bridges, and dentures. 3D printing enables faster and more accurate production of dental products, reduces waste, and allows for greater customization.
  • Laser Dentistry: Laser dentistry is a recent innovation that is being used in the dental industry for a wide range of applications such as cavity detection, gum disease treatment, and teeth whitening. Laser dentistry is less invasive than traditional methods, causes less pain and discomfort, and promotes faster healing.

NAICS Code 339116-04 - Laboratories-Dental (Manufacturing)

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