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NAICS Code 237310-03 Description (8-Digit)

The Driveways-Sealers industry involves the construction and maintenance of driveways, as well as the application of sealant to protect and enhance their appearance. This industry is a subdivision of the Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction industry, and focuses specifically on the smaller-scale projects of residential and commercial driveways.

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Tools commonly used in the Driveways-Sealers industry for day-to-day tasks and operations.

  • Pressure washer
  • Crack filler
  • Sealant applicator
  • Squeegee
  • Broom
  • Trowel
  • Asphalt patch
  • Edging tool
  • Blower
  • Safety equipment (gloves, goggles, respirator)

Industry Examples of Driveways-Sealers

Common products and services typical of NAICS Code 237310-03, illustrating the main business activities and contributions to the market.

  • Residential driveway installation
  • Commercial parking lot maintenance
  • Driveway sealing and repair
  • Asphalt driveway resurfacing
  • Concrete driveway staining
  • Paver driveway installation
  • Gravel driveway construction
  • Driveway edging and landscaping
  • Sealcoating services
  • Driveway power washing

Certifications, Compliance and Licenses for NAICS Code 237310-03 - Driveways-Sealers

The specific certifications, permits, licenses, and regulatory compliance requirements within the United States for this industry.

  • National Pavement Contractor Certification: This certification is provided by the National Pavement Contractors Association and ensures that the contractor has the necessary skills and knowledge to provide quality pavement services.
  • Sealcoating Contractor Certification: This certification is provided by the Pavement Coatings Technology Council and ensures that the contractor has the necessary skills and knowledge to provide quality sealcoating services.
  • OSHA Safety Certification: This certification is provided by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and ensures that the contractor has the necessary safety training to operate in a safe and compliant manner.
  • EPA Lead-Safe Certification: This certification is provided by the Environmental Protection Agency and ensures that the contractor has the necessary training to safely work with lead-based paint.
  • DOT Compliance Certification: This certification is provided by the Department of Transportation and ensures that the contractor is compliant with all DOT regulations for commercial vehicles.


A concise historical narrative of NAICS Code 237310-03 covering global milestones and recent developments within the United States.

  • The Driveways-Sealers industry has been around for decades, with the first sealcoating products being developed in the 1930s. However, it wasn't until the 1950s that the industry really began to take off, with the introduction of coal tar emulsion sealers. These sealers were more durable and longer-lasting than previous products, and they quickly became the industry standard. In recent years, the industry has seen a shift towards more environmentally-friendly products, with many companies now offering sealers made from natural materials like soybeans and linseed oil. In the United States, the industry has also seen a rise in DIY sealcoating, with many homeowners opting to do the work themselves rather than hiring a professional.

Future Outlook for Driveways-Sealers

The anticipated future trajectory of the NAICS 237310-03 industry in the USA, offering insights into potential trends, innovations, and challenges expected to shape its landscape.

  • Growth Prediction: Stable

    The Driveways-Sealers industry in the USA is expected to experience steady growth in the coming years. The demand for driveway sealing services is expected to increase as homeowners and businesses seek to maintain and improve the appearance and durability of their driveways. Additionally, the industry is expected to benefit from the growth of the construction industry, as new driveways are built and existing ones are repaired or replaced. However, the industry may face challenges from the increasing popularity of alternative driveway materials, such as pavers and concrete, which may reduce demand for sealing services. Overall, the industry is expected to remain stable and experience moderate growth in the coming years.

Industry Innovations for NAICS Code 237310-03

Recent groundbreaking advancements and milestones in the Driveways-Sealers industry, reflecting notable innovations that have reshaped its landscape.

  • Eco-Friendly Sealants: Many companies in the Driveways-Sealers industry are now offering eco-friendly sealants that are safer for the environment and for people. These sealants are made from natural materials and do not contain harmful chemicals.
  • Smart Sealants: Some companies are now offering "smart" sealants that can detect cracks and other damage in driveways and automatically repair them. These sealants use advanced technology to monitor the condition of driveways and ensure that they remain in good condition.
  • UV-Resistant Sealants: With the increasing popularity of outdoor living spaces, many homeowners are looking for ways to protect their driveways from the damaging effects of the sun. UV-resistant sealants are now available that can protect driveways from fading and cracking caused by exposure to sunlight.
  • Non-Slip Sealants: To improve safety and prevent accidents, some companies are now offering non-slip sealants that provide better traction on driveways. These sealants are especially useful in areas with high foot traffic or where vehicles may need to stop suddenly.
  • Fast-Drying Sealants: To minimize disruption to homeowners and businesses, some companies are now offering fast-drying sealants that can be applied quickly and dry within a few hours. This allows driveways to be used soon after they are sealed, without the need for lengthy closures or detours.

NAICS Code 237310-03 - Driveways-Sealers

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