SIC Code 9431 Administration of Public Health Programs


Public Administration


Government establishments primarily engaged in planning, administration, and coordination of public health programs and services, including environmental health activities, mental health, categorical health programs (e.g., cancer control, communicable disease control, maternity, child health), health statistics, and immunization services.

Cross References

Hospitals, including boards of directors, are classified in Services, Industry Group 806. Health services such as immunization, X-ray, and cancer detection clinics are classified in Services, Major Group 80.

Illustrative Examples

Cancer detection program administration-government, Categorical health program administration-government, Communicable disease program administration-government, Environmental health programs-government, Health statistics centers-government, Immunization program administration-government, Maternity and child health program administration-government, Mental health agencies-government, Public health agencies-nonoperating

Industry Leaders

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 943101Federal Government-public Hlth Programs
  • 943102State Government-public Health Programs
  • 943103County Government-public Health Programs
  • 943104City Government-public Health Programs

7-digit SIC

  • 9431001Government Public Health Programs
  • 9431002State Government Public Health Programs
  • 9431003County Government Public Health Programs
  • 9431004Government Mental Health Programs
  • 9431005Federal Government Public Health Programs
  • 9431006City Government Public Health Programs
  • 9431007Public Health Agency Administration, Government
  • 9431008Government Environmental Health Programs
  • 9431009Government Child Health Programs
  • 9431010Administration Of Public Health Programs
  • 9431011Government Cancer Detection Program Administration
  • 9431012Government Categorical Health Program Administration
  • 9431013Government Communicable Disease Program Administration
  • 9431014Government Health Statistics Center
  • 9431015Government Immunization Program Administration
  • 9431016Prenatal-health Program Administration

8-digit SIC

  • 94310000Administration Of Public Health Programs
  • 94310400Administration Of Public Health Programs, Level Of Governmen
  • 94310401Administration Of Public Health Programs, Federal Government
  • 94310402Administration Of Public Health Programs, State Government
  • 94310403Administration Of Public Health Programs, County Government
  • 94310404Administration Of Public Health Programs, Local Government
  • 94319901Cancer Detection Program Administration, Government
  • 94319902Categorical Health Program Administration, Government
  • 94319903Child Health Program Administration, Government
  • 94319904Communicable Disease Program Administration, Government
  • 94319905Environmental Health Program Administration, Government
  • 94319906Health Statistics Center, Government
  • 94319907Immunization Program Administration, Government
  • 94319908Mental Health Agency Administration, Government
  • 94319909Prenatal (maternity) Health Program Administration, Govt.
  • 94319910Public Health Agency Administration, Government
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