SIC Code 9111 Executive Offices


Public Administration


Offices of chief executives and their advisory and interdepartmental committees and commissions.

Illustrative Examples

  • Advisory commissions
  • executive, City and town managers'offices, County supervisors'and executives'offices, Governors'offices, Mayors'offices, President's office

Industry Leaders

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 911101Federal Government-executive Offices
  • 911102State Government-executive Offices
  • 911103County Government-executive Offices
  • 911104City Government-executive Offices

7-digit SIC

  • 9111001Federal Government-executive Offices
  • 9111002State & Local Executive Offices
  • 9111003Government-city & Town
  • 9111004Government-mayors Office
  • 9111005Governors Office
  • 9111006Government-county
  • 9111007State Government-executive Offices
  • 9111008City Government-executive Offices
  • 9111009Executive Offices, National
  • 9111010Executive Advisory Commission
  • 9111011Presidents Office
  • 9111012Executive Offices, Level Of Government
  • 9111013Executive Offices, Federal Government
  • 9111014County Government-executive Offices

8-digit SIC

  • 91110000Executive Offices
  • 91110100Executive Offices, National
  • 91110101Executive Advisory Commission
  • 91110102Presidents' Office
  • 91110200Executive Offices, State And Local
  • 91110201City And Town Managers' Office
  • 91110202County Supervisors' And Executives' Office
  • 91110203Governors' Office
  • 91110204Mayors' Office
  • 91110400Executive Offices, Level Of Government
  • 91110401Executive Offices, Federal Government
  • 91110402Executive Offices, State Government
  • 91110403Executive Offices, County Government
  • 91110404Executive Offices, Local Government
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