SIC Code 8062 General Medical and Surgical Hospitals




Establishments primarily engaged in providing general medical and surgical services and other hospital services.

Cross References

Specialty hospitals are classified in Industries 8063 and 8069.

Illustrative Examples

General medical and surgical hospitals

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Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 806201Medical Centers
  • 806202Hospitals
  • 806203Emergency Medical & Surgical Service

7-digit SIC

  • 8062001Hospitals
  • 8062002Medical School Hospital
  • 8062003Amar Residency Hospital
  • 8062004Amar Approved Residency Hospital
  • 8062005Medical School Hospital Affiliated With Nursing & Residency
  • 8062006Medical School Hospital Affiliated With Residency
  • 8062007Professional Nursing School Hospital
  • 8062008Hospital, Professional Nursing School With Amar Residency
  • 8062009Emergency Medical & Surgical Services

8-digit SIC

  • 80620000General Medical And Surgical Hospitals
  • 80629901Hospital, Affiliated With Ama Residency
  • 80629902Hospital, Med School Affiliated With Nursing And Residency
  • 80629903Hospital, Medical School Affiliated With Residency
  • 80629904Hospital, Medical School Affiliation
  • 80629905Hospital, Professional Nursing School
  • 80629906Hospital, Professional Nursing School With Ama Residency
  • 80629907Hospital, Ama Approved Residency
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Est. Employment:3955874