SIC Code 7542 Car Washes




Establishments primarily engaged in washing, waging, and polishing motor vehicles, or in furnishing facilities for the self-service washing of motor vehicles.

Illustrative Examples

Bus washing, carwashes, cleaning and polishing (detailing) new autos for dealers, detailing (cleaning and polishing) new autos for dealers, automotive truck washing, washing and polishing, automotive waxing and polishing, automotive.

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Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 754201Car Washing & Polishing
  • 754202Steam Cleaning-automotive
  • 754203Automobile Detail & Clean-up Service
  • 754204Automobile Upholstery Cleaning
  • 754205Car Washing & Polishing-coin Operated
  • 754206Truck-washing & Cleaning

7-digit SIC

  • 7542001Automobile Detail & Clean-up Services
  • 7542002Car Washing & Polishing
  • 7542003Automatic Carwashes
  • 7542004Self-service Carwashes
  • 7542005Truck-washing & Cleaning
  • 7542006Steam Cleaning-automotive
  • 7542007Automobile Upholstery Cleaning
  • 7542008Car Washing & Polishing-coin Operated

8-digit SIC

  • 75420000Carwashes
  • 75429901Carwash, Automatic
  • 75429902Carwash, Self-service
  • 75429903Truck Wash
  • 75429904Washing And Polishing, Automotive
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Total Companies:27932

Est. Employment:76920

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