SIC Code 7375 Information Retrieval Services




Establishments primarily engaged in providing on-line information retrieval services on a contract or fee basis. The information generally involves a range of subjects and is taken from other primary sources.

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in performing activities, such as credit reporting, direct mail advertising, stock quotation services, etc., and who also create data bases are classified according to their primary activity. Establishments primarily engaged in collecting data bases from primary sources and reformatting or editing them for distribution through information retrieval services are classified in Industry 7379.

Illustrative Examples

Data base information retrieval services, Information retrieval services, on-line On-line data base information retrieval services, Remote data base information retrieval services

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Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 737501Information Brokers
  • 737502Information Search & Retrieval Service
  • 737503Videotext Services
  • 737504Retrieval Systems-automated
  • 737505Online Services
  • 737506Information Provider Services-dial It
  • 737598Information Retrieval Services

7-digit SIC

  • 7375001Information Retrieval Services
  • 7375002Online Services
  • 7375003Database Information Retrieval
  • 7375004Remote Database Information Retrieval
  • 7375005Information Brokers
  • 7375006Information Search & Retrieval Services
  • 7375007Videotext Services
  • 7375008Retrieval Systems-automated
  • 7375009Information Provider Services -dial It

8-digit SIC

  • 73750000Information Retrieval Services
  • 73759901Data Base Information Retrieval
  • 73759902On-line Data Base Information Retrieval
  • 73759903Remote Data Base Information Retrieval
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Industry Report Sample

Total Companies:1059

Est. Employment:23847