SIC Code 7374 Computer Processing and Data Preparation and Processing Services




Establishments primarily engaged in providing computer processing and data preparation services. The service may consist of complete processing and preparation of reports from data supplied by the customer or a specialized service, such as data entry or making data processing equipment available on an hourly or time-sharing basis.

Illustrative Examples

Calculating service, computer computer time-sharing data entry service, data processing services, data verification service, key punch service, leasing of computer time optical scanning data service, rental of computer time service, bureaus, computer tabulating service, computer.

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Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 737401Data Processing Service
  • 737402Computer Time Sharing Service
  • 737403Computer Bulletin Boards
  • 737404Credit Card-merchant Services
  • 737405Scanning Service
  • 737406Govt-computer Processing & Preparation
  • 737407Fax Information & Service Bureaus
  • 737409Computer Data Storage
  • 737410Computing Service
  • 737411Tabulating Service
  • 737412Bar Coding
  • 737414Automation Technology Services
  • 737415Internet Service
  • 737416Internet Home Page Dev Consulting
  • 737417Internet Hardware & Software Providers
  • 737418Internet Services E-mail Services
  • 737419Internet Search Engines
  • 737420Computer-intranet Development
  • 737421Electronic Networks
  • 737422Satellite Internet Service
  • 737423Computer Gaming
  • 737424Computer Documentation Service
  • 737425Internet Services Video Conferencing Svc

7-digit SIC

  • 7374001Computer Processing & Data Preparation Services
  • 7374002Computer Graphic Services
  • 7374003Data Processing Services
  • 7374004Data Entry Services
  • 7374005Computer Processing Services
  • 7374006Computer Services Bureau
  • 7374007Scanning Services
  • 7374008Data Verification Services
  • 7374009Computer Time Sharing Services
  • 7374010Computer Calculating Services
  • 7374011Keypunch Services
  • 7374012Computer Bulletin Boards
  • 7374013Tabulating Services
  • 7374014Credit Card-merchant Services
  • 7374015Government-computer Processing & Preparation
  • 7374016Fax Information & Services Bureaus
  • 7374017Computer Data Storage
  • 7374018Computing Services
  • 7374019Bar Coding
  • 7374020Automation Technology Services
  • 7374021Internet Services
  • 7374022Internet Home Page Development Consulting
  • 7374023Internet Hardware & Software Providers
  • 7374024Internet Services E-mail Services
  • 7374025Internet Search Engines
  • 7374026Computer-intranet Development
  • 7374027Electronic Networks
  • 7374028Satellite Internet Services
  • 7374029Computer Gaming
  • 7374030Computer Documentation Services
  • 7374031Internet Services Video Conferencing Services

8-digit SIC

  • 73740000Data Processing And Preparation
  • 73740100Computer Processing Services
  • 73740101Calculating Service (computer)
  • 73740102Computer Graphics Service
  • 73740103Computer Time-sharing
  • 73740104Service Bureau, Computer
  • 73749901Data Entry Service
  • 73749902Data Processing Service
  • 73749903Data Verification Service
  • 73749904Keypunch Service
  • 73749905Optical Scanning Data Service
  • 73749906Tabulating Service
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