SIC Code 6794 Patent Owners and Lessors


Finance, Insurance, Real Estate


Establishments primarily engaged in owning or leasing franchises, patents, and copyrights which they in turn license others to use.

Illustrative Examples

  • Copyright buying and licensing, Franchises
  • selling or licensing, Music licensing to radio stations, Music royaltiessheet and record, Patent buying and licensing, Patent leasing, Performance rightspublishing and licensing of

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Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 679401Franchising
  • 679402Copywriters
  • 679498Patent Owners & Lessors

7-digit SIC

  • 6794001Patent Owners & Lessors
  • 6794002Franchising
  • 6794003Patent Buying & Licensing
  • 6794004Copyright Buying & Licensing
  • 6794005Music Licensing To Radio Stations
  • 6794006Music Licensing & Royalties
  • 6794007Copywriters
  • 6794008Music Royalties, Sheet & Record
  • 6794009Performance Rights, Publishing & Licensing

8-digit SIC

  • 67940000Patent Owners And Lessors
  • 67940100Music Licensing And Royalties
  • 67940101Music Licensing To Radio Stations
  • 67940102Music Royalties, Sheet And Record
  • 67940103Performance Rights, Publishing And Licensing
  • 67949901Copyright Buying And Licensing
  • 67949902Franchises, Selling Or Licensing
  • 67949903Patent Buying, Licensing, Leasing