SIC Code 6282 Investment Advice


Finance, Insurance, Real Estate


Establishments primarily engaged in furnishing investment information and advice to companies and individuals concerning securities and commodities on a contract or fee basis.

Cross References

Establishments that provide advice and also act as brokers or dealers are classified in Industry 6211.

Illustrative Examples

Futures advisory service, Investment advisory service, Investment counselors, Investment research, Manager of mutual funds, contract or fee basis

Sample Business Listings

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 628201Retirement Planning Services
  • 628202Investment Management
  • 628203Financial Advisory Services
  • 628204Financing Consultants
  • 628205Financial Planning Consultants
  • 628206Financial Planners-certified
  • 628207Mergers & Acquisitions
  • 628208Banks-consulting Services
  • 628210Retirement Income Funds
  • 628211Financial Report Analysts
  • 628213Investment Advisory Referral Service
  • 628214Investment Trusts
  • 628215Tax Sheltered Investments
  • 628217Asset Management

7-digit SIC

  • 6282001Financial Planning Consultants
  • 6282002Financial Advisory Services
  • 6282003Investment Counselors
  • 6282004Manager Of Mutual Funds On Contract Or Fee Basis
  • 6282005Investment Research
  • 6282006Futures Advisory Services
  • 6282007Retirement Planning Services
  • 6282008Investment Management
  • 6282009Financing Consultants
  • 6282010Financial Planners-certified
  • 6282011Mergers & Acquisitions
  • 6282012Banks-consulting Services
  • 6282013Retirement Income Funds
  • 6282014Financial Report Analysts
  • 6282015Investment Advisory Referral Services
  • 6282016Investment Trusts
  • 6282017Tax Sheltered Investments
  • 6282018Asset Management

8-digit SIC

  • 62820000Investment Advice
  • 62829901Futures Advisory Service
  • 62829902Investment Advisory Service
  • 62829903Investment Counselors
  • 62829904Investment Research
  • 62829905Manager Of Mutual Funds, Contract Or Fee Basis
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