SIC Code 4785 Fixed Facilities and Inspection and Weighing Services for Motor Vehicle Transportation


Transportation & Public Utilities


Establishments primarily engaged in the inspection and weighing of goods in connection with transportation or in the operation of fixed facilities for motor vehicle transportation, such as toll roads, highway bridges, and other fixed facilities, except terminals.

Illustrative Examples

  • Cargo checkers and surveyors
  • marine, Highway bridgesoperation of, Inspection services connected with transportation, Toll bridge operation, Toll roadsoperation of, Tunnel operationvehicular, Weighing services connected with transportation

Industry Sample for USA

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 478501Weighers
  • 478502Scales-public
  • 478503Truck Testing Stations
  • 478504Surveyors-cargo
  • 478505Bridge & Tunnel Operating Companies
  • 478506Toll Bridges
  • 478508Truck Scales
  • 478598Fixed Facilities & Inspection/weighing

7-digit SIC

  • 4785001Inspection & Fixed Facilities
  • 4785002Transportation Inspection Services
  • 4785003Marine Cargo Surveyors
  • 4785004Transportation Weighing Services
  • 4785005Toll Bridges
  • 4785006Toll Bridge Operations
  • 4785007Weighers
  • 4785008Toll Operations
  • 4785009Checkers, Marine Cargo
  • 4785010Scales-public
  • 4785011Truck Testing Stations
  • 4785012Highway Bridge Operation
  • 4785013Surveyors-cargo
  • 4785014Tunnel Operation, Vehicular
  • 4785015Bridge & Tunnel Operating Companies
  • 4785016Inspection Services Connected With Transportation
  • 4785017Truck Scales
  • 4785018Fixed Facilities & Inspection/weighing

8-digit SIC

  • 47850000Inspection And Fixed Facilities
  • 47850100Toll Operations
  • 47850101Toll Bridge Operation
  • 47850102Toll Road Operation
  • 47850200Transportation Inspection Services
  • 47850201Checkers, Marine Cargo
  • 47850202Inspection Services Connected With Transportation
  • 47850203Surveyors, Marine Cargo
  • 47850204Weighing Services Connected With Transportation
  • 47859901Highway Bridge Operation
  • 47859902Tunnel Operation, Vehicular