SIC Code 3843 Dental Equipment and Supplies




Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing artificial teeth, dental metals, alloys, and amalgams, and a wide variety of equipment, instruments, and supplies used by dentists, dental laboratories, and dental colleges.

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Dental laboratories constructing artificial dentures, bridges, inlays, and other dental restorations on specifications from dentists are classified in Services, Industry 8072.

Illustrative Examples

  • Abrasive points, wheels, and disks: dental
  • Autoclaves, dentalBroaches, dentalBurs, dentalCabinets, dentalCement, dentalChairs, dentists'Compounds, dentalCutting instruments, dentalDental alloys for amalgamsDental enginesDental equipment and suppliesDental hand instruments, including forcepsDental laboratory equipmentDental metalDenture materialsDrills, dentalEnamels, dentists'Forceps, dentalFurnaces, laboratory: dentalGlue, dentalGold, dentalHand pieces and parts, dentalImpression material, dentalInvestment material, dentalOrthodontic appliancesPlaster, dentalPliers, dentalSterilizers, dentalTeeth, artificial: not made in dental laboratoriesTools, dentists'Ultrasonic dental equipmentWax, dental

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Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 384301Dental Equipment-manufacturers
  • 384302Dentifrices (manufacturers)
  • 384398Dental Equipment & Supplies Mfg

7-digit SIC

  • 3843001Dental Equipment & Supplies Mfg
  • 3843002Dental Equipment Mfg
  • 3843003Orthodontic Appliances
  • 3843004Dental Materials
  • 3843005Dentifrices Mfg
  • 3843006Abrasive Points, Wheels & Disks, Dental
  • 3843007Autoclaves, Dental
  • 3843008Burs, Dental
  • 3843009Cabinets, Dental
  • 3843010Cutting Instruments, Dental
  • 3843011Dental Chairs
  • 3843012Dental Engines
  • 3843013Dental Hand Instruments Nec
  • 3843014Dental Laboratory Equipment
  • 3843015Dental Tools Nec
  • 3843016Drills, Dental
  • 3843017Furnaces, Laboratory, Dental
  • 3843018Hand Pieces & Parts, Dental
  • 3843019Sterilizers, Dental
  • 3843020Ultrasonic Dental Equipment
  • 3843021Cement, Dental
  • 3843022Compounds, Dental
  • 3843023Dental Alloys For Amalgams
  • 3843024Dental Metal
  • 3843025Denture Materials
  • 3843026Enamels, Dentists
  • 3843027Gold, Dental
  • 3843028Impression Material, Dental
  • 3843029Investment Material, Dental
  • 3843030Plaster, Dental
  • 3843031Teeth-artificial
  • 3843032Wax, Dental

8-digit SIC

  • 38430000Dental Equipment And Supplies
  • 38430100Dental Equipment
  • 38430101Abrasive Points, Wheels, And Disks, Dental
  • 38430102Autoclaves, Dental
  • 38430104Burs, Dental
  • 38430105Cabinets, Dental
  • 38430106Cutting Instruments, Dental
  • 38430107Dental Chairs
  • 38430108Dental Engines
  • 38430109Dental Hand Instruments, Nec
  • 38430110Dental Laboratory Equipment
  • 38430111Dental Tools, Nec
  • 38430112Drills, Dental
  • 38430114Furnaces, Laboratory, Dental
  • 38430115Hand Pieces And Parts, Dental
  • 38430116Orthodontic Appliances
  • 38430118Sterilizers, Dental
  • 38430119Ultrasonic Dental Equipment
  • 38430200Dental Materials
  • 38430201Cement, Dental
  • 38430202Compounds, Dental
  • 38430203Dental Alloys For Amalgams
  • 38430204Dental Metal
  • 38430205Denture Materials
  • 38430206Enamels, Dentists'
  • 38430208Gold, Dental
  • 38430209Impression Material, Dental
  • 38430210Investment Material, Dental
  • 38430211Plaster, Dental
  • 38430212Teeth, Artificial (not Made In Dental Laboratories)
  • 38430213Wax, Dental
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