SIC Code 3585 Air-Conditioning and Warm Air Heating Equipment and Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration Equipment




Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing refrigeration equipment and systems and similar equipment for commercial and industrial use; complete air-conditioning units for domestic, commercial, and industrial use; and warm air furnaces. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing soda fountains and beer dispensing equipment and humidifiers and dehumidifiers, except portable, are also classified in this industry.

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing household refrigerators and home and farm freezers are classified in Industry 3632, and those manufacturing electric air-space heaters and portable humidifiers and dehumidifiers are classified in Industry 3634.

Illustrative Examples

  • Air-conditioners, motor vehicle
  • Air-conditioning and heating combination unitsAir-conditioning compressorsAir-conditioning condensers and condensing unitsAir-conditioning units complete: domestic and industrialBeer dispensing equipmentCabinets, show and display: refrigeratedCases, show and display: refrigeratedCold drink dispensing equipment, except coin-operatedCompressors for refrigeration and air-conditioningCondensers and condensing units: refrigeration and air-conditioningCoolers, milk and water: electricCounters and counter display cases, refrigeratedDehumidifiers, except portable: electricElectric warm air furnacesEvaporative condensers (heat transfer equipment)Fountains, drinking mechanically refrigeratedFurnaces: gravity air flowHeat pumps, electricHumidifying equipment, except portableIce boxes, industrialIce making machineryLockers, refrigeratedRefrigeration compressorsRefrigeration machinery and equipment, industrialRoom coolers, portableShowcases, refrigeratedSiphons, soda waterSnow making machinerySoda fountains, parts, and accessoriesTanks, soda water

Industry Sample for USA

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 358501Air Conditioning Equipment-manufacturers
  • 358502Air Conditioning Supplies & Parts Mfg
  • 358503Beverage Dispensing Equip/supls Mfg
  • 358504Heat Pumps-manufacturers
  • 358505Ice Making Equipment & Machines Mfg
  • 358506Refrigeration Equipment-truck (mfrs)
  • 358507Refrigerating Equip Suppliess & Parts Mfg
  • 358508Evaporative Coolers Mfg & Wholesale
  • 358509Dehumidifying Equipment-manufacturers
  • 358510Electric Heating Equipment-manufacturers
  • 358511Humidifying Apparatus-manufacturers
  • 358512Marine Refrigeration & Air Cond Mfg
  • 358513Air Conditioning Room Units Mfg
  • 358514Snow Making Machines (manufacturers)
  • 358515Evaporating Apparatus (manufacturers)
  • 358516Ice Boxes (manufacturers)
  • 358517Water Coolers-manufacturers
  • 358518Snow Ball Machines Equip/supplies (mfrs)
  • 358519Refrigerant Recovery Equipment (mfrs)
  • 358520Milk Dispensers (mfrs)
  • 358598Air Conditioning/htg/refrig Equip (mfrs)

7-digit SIC

  • 3585001Air Conditioning/heating/refrig Equipment Mfg
  • 3585002Heating & Air Conditioning Combination Units
  • 3585003Air Conditioning Equipment Mfg
  • 3585004Refrigeration Equipment-truck Mfg
  • 3585005Air Conditioning Room Units Mfg
  • 3585006Heating Equipment
  • 3585007Heating, Cooling & Refrigerating Equipment Parts
  • 3585008Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Compressor Equipment
  • 3585009Soda Fountains & Equipment
  • 3585010Air Conditioning, Motor Vehicle
  • 3585011Air Conditioning Supplies & Parts Mfg
  • 3585012Room Coolers, Portable
  • 3585013Beverage Dispensing Equipment Supplies Mfg
  • 3585014Cabinets, Show & Display, Refrigerated
  • 3585015Counters & Counter Display Cases, Refrigerated
  • 3585016Refrigerating Equipment Supplies & Parts Mfg
  • 3585017Evaporative Coolers Mfg & Wholesale
  • 3585018Ice Boxes Mfg
  • 3585019Dehumidifying Equipment Mfg
  • 3585020Ice Making Equipment & Machines Mfg
  • 3585021Lockers, Refrigerated
  • 3585022Electric Heating Equipment Mfg
  • 3585023Humidifying Apparatus Mfg
  • 3585024Furnaces-warm Air-electric
  • 3585025Marine Refrigeration & Air Cond Mfg
  • 3585026Heat Pumps Mfg
  • 3585027Evaporating Apparatus Mfg
  • 3585028Air Conditioning Condensers & Condensing Units
  • 3585029Snow Ball Machines Equipment Supplies Mfg
  • 3585030Condensers, Refrigeration
  • 3585031Refrigerant Recovery Equipment Mfg
  • 3585032Evaporative Condensers, Heat Transfer Equipment
  • 3585033Beer Dispensing Equipment
  • 3585034Carbonators, Soda Water
  • 3585035Cold Drink Dispensing Equipment-not Coin-operated
  • 3585036Water Coolers Mfg
  • 3585037Drinking Fountains, Mechanically Refrigerated
  • 3585038Siphons, Soda Water
  • 3585039Soda Fountains, Parts & Accessories
  • 3585040Tanks, Soda Water
  • 3585041Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers
  • 3585042Dehumidifiers Electric (except Portable)
  • 3585043Humidifying Equipment (except Portable)
  • 3585044Snow Making Machines Mfg

8-digit SIC

  • 35850000Refrigeration And Heating Equipment
  • 35850100Air Conditioning Equipment, Complete
  • 35850101Air Conditioning Units, Complete: Domestic Or Industrial
  • 35850102Air Conditioning, Motor Vehicle
  • 35850103Room Coolers, Portable
  • 35850200Refrigeration Equipment, Complete
  • 35850201Cabinets, Show And Display, Refrigerated
  • 35850202Counters And Counter Display Cases, Refrigerated
  • 35850203Ice Boxes, Industrial
  • 35850204Ice Making Machinery
  • 35850205Lockers, Refrigerated
  • 35850300Heating Equipment, Complete
  • 35850301Furnaces, Warm Air: Electric
  • 35850302Heat Pumps, Electric
  • 35850400Parts For Heating, Cooling, And Refrigerating Equipment
  • 35850401Air Conditioning Condensers And Condensing Units
  • 35850402Compressors For Refrigeration And Air Conditioning Equipment
  • 35850403Condensers, Refrigeration
  • 35850404Evaporative Condensers, Heat Transfer Equipment
  • 35850500Soda Fountain And Beverage Dispensing Equipment And Parts
  • 35850501Beer Dispensing Equipment
  • 35850502Carbonators, Soda Water
  • 35850503Cold Drink Dispensing Equipment (not Coin-operated)
  • 35850504Coolers, Milk And Water: Electric
  • 35850505Drinking Fountains, Mechanically Refrigerated
  • 35850506Siphons, Soda Water
  • 35850507Soda Fountains, Parts, And Accessories
  • 35850508Tanks, Soda Water
  • 35850600Humidifiers And Dehumidifiers
  • 35850601Dehumidifiers Electric, Except Portable
  • 35850602Humidifying Equipment, Except Portable
  • 35859901Heating And Air Conditioning Combination Units
  • 35859902Snowmaking Machinery