SIC Code 3567 Industrial Process Furnaces and Ovens




Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing industrial process furnaces, ovens, induction and dielectric heating equipment, and related devices.

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing bakery ovens are classified in Industry 3556; those manufacturing cement, wood, and chemical kilns are classified in Industry 3559; those manufacturing cremating ovens are classified in Industry 3569; and those manufacturing laboratory furnaces and ovens are classified in Industry 3821.

Illustrative Examples

  • Calcining kilns (industrial furnaces)
  • Ceramic kilns and furnacesCore baking and mold drying ovensDielectric heating equipmentDistillation ovens, charcoal and cokeDriers and redriers, industrial processEnameling ovensFurnaces, industrial processHeat treating ovensHeating equipment, inductionHeating units and devices, industrial electricIncinerators, metal domestic and commercialInduction heating equipmentInfrared ovens, industrialJapanning ovensKilns except cement, chemical, and woodLacquering ovensMetal melting furnaces, industrialOvens, industrial process except bakeryPaint baking and drying ovensRadiant heating systems, industrial process: e.g., dryers, cookersRubber curing ovensSherardizing ovensSmelting ovensVacuum furnaces and ovens

Market Analysis - Sample Companies

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 356701Ovens-industrial (manufacturers)
  • 356702Furnaces-industrial (manufacturers)
  • 356703Heat Recovery Equipment & Systems Mfg
  • 356704Heaters-industrial (manufacturers)
  • 356705Incinerators-manufacturers
  • 356798Industrial Process-furnaces/ovens (mfrs)

7-digit SIC

  • 3567001Ovens-industrial Mfg
  • 3567002Heaters-industrial Mfg
  • 3567003Heat Recovery Equipment & Systems Mfg
  • 3567004Furnaces-industrial Mfg
  • 3567005Metal Melting Furnaces-industrial-electric
  • 3567006Industrial Process-furnaces/ovens Mfg
  • 3567007Fuel-fired Furnaces & Ovens
  • 3567008Distillation Ovens, Charcoal & Coke
  • 3567009Metal Melting Furnaces-industrial-fuel-fired
  • 3567010Induction & Dielectric Heating Equipment
  • 3567011Dielectric Heating Equipment
  • 3567012Induction Heating Equipment
  • 3567013Calcining Kilns
  • 3567014Ceramic Kilns & Furnaces
  • 3567015Core Baking & Mold Drying Ovens
  • 3567016Driers & Redriers, Industrial Process
  • 3567017Incinerators Mfg
  • 3567018Infrared Ovens, Industrial
  • 3567019Kilns Nec
  • 3567020Paint Baking & Drying Ovens
  • 3567021Radiant Heating Systems, Industrial Process
  • 3567022Smelting Ovens
  • 3567023Vacuum Furnaces & Ovens
  • 3567024Incinerators, Thermal, Fume & Catalytic

8-digit SIC

  • 35670000Industrial Furnaces And Ovens
  • 35670100Electrical Furnaces, Ovens, & Heating Devices, Exc.induction
  • 35670101Heating Units And Devices, Industrial: Electric
  • 35670102Metal Melting Furnaces, Industrial: Electric
  • 35670200Fuel-fired Furnaces And Ovens
  • 35670201Distillation Ovens, Charcoal And Coke
  • 35670202Metal Melting Furnaces, Industrial: Fuel-fired
  • 35670300Induction And Dielectric Heating Equipment
  • 35670301Dielectric Heating Equipment
  • 35670302Induction Heating Equipment
  • 35679901Calcining Kilns
  • 35679902Ceramic Kilns And Furnaces
  • 35679903Core Baking And Mold Drying Ovens
  • 35679904Driers And Redriers, Industrial Process
  • 35679906Incinerators, Metal: Domestic Or Commercial
  • 35679907Infrared Ovens, Industrial
  • 35679908Kilns, Nsk
  • 35679910Paint Baking And Drying Ovens
  • 35679911Radiant Heating Systems, Industrial Process
  • 35679913Smelting Ovens
  • 35679914Vacuum Furnaces And Ovens
  • 35679915Incinerators, Thermal, Fume & Catalytic
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Market Snapshot

Total Companies:374

Est. Employment:3550