SIC Code 3313 Electrometallurgical Products, except Steel




Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing ferro and nonferrous metal additive alloys by electrometallurgical or metallothermic processes, including high percentage ferroalloys and high percentage nonferrous additive alloys.

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing electrometallurgical steel are classified inIndustry 3312

Illustrative Examples

  • Additive alloys, except copper
  • Ferroalloys (including high percentage)
  • Ferrochromium
  • Ferromanganese
  • Ferromolybdenum
  • Ferrophosphorus
  • Ferrosilicon
  • Ferrotitanium
  • Ferrotungsten
  • Ferrovanadium
  • High percentage ferroalloys
  • Manganese metal
  • Molybdenum silicon
  • Nonferrous additive alloys, high percentage: except copper
  • Spiegeleisen
  • Tungsten carbide powder by metallurgical process

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Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 331301Molybdenum (manufacturers)
  • 331398Electrometallurgical Prod-ex Steel (mfr)

7-digit SIC

  • 3313001Electrometallurgical Prod-ex Steel Mfg
  • 3313002Manganese Alloys
  • 3313003Ferromanganese
  • 3313004Manganese Metal
  • 3313005Ferroalloys
  • 3313006Alloys, Additive (except Copper)
  • 3313007Ferrosilicon
  • 3313008Ferrotitanium
  • 3313009Molybdenum Mfg
  • 3313010Tungsten Carbide Powder

8-digit SIC

  • 33130000Electrometallurgical Products
  • 33130100Manganese Alloys
  • 33130101Ferromanganese, Not Made In Blast Furnaces
  • 33130102Manganese Metal, Not Made In Blast Furnaces
  • 33130200Ferroalloys
  • 33130201Alloys, Additive, Except Copper: Not Made In Blast Furnaces
  • 33130205Ferrosilicon, Not Made In Blast Furnaces
  • 33130206Ferrotitanium
  • 33139901Molybdenum Silicon, Not Made In Blast Furnaces
  • 33139902Tungsten Carbide Powder
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