SIC Code 2789 Bookbinding and Related Work




Establishments primarily engaged in edition, trade, job, and library book binding. Also included in this industry are establishments primarily engaged in book or paper bronzing, gilding, and edging; in map and sample mounting, and in other services related to bookbinding.

Cross References

Establishments primarily binding books printed elsewhere are classified in this industry, but those primarily binding books printed in the same establishment are classified in Industry Group 273.

Illustrative Examples

  • Beveling of cards
  • Binding only books, pamphlets, magazines, etc.
  • Book gilding, bronzing, edging, deckling, embossing, and gold
  • Bookbinding edition, job, library, and trade
  • Bronzing books, cards, or paper
  • Display mounting
  • Edging books, cards, or paper
  • Magazines, binding only
  • Mounting of maps and samples, for the trade
  • Pamphlets, binding only
  • Paper bronzing, gilding, edging, and deckling
  • Paper cutting, except die-cutting
  • Rebinding books, magazines, or pamphlets
  • Repairing books (bookbinding)
  • Swatches and samples, mounting for the trade
  • Trade binding services

USA List Sample

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 278901Gold Stamping (mfrs)
  • 278902Bookbinders (mfrs)
  • 278903Mounting & Finishing (mfrs)
  • 278904Covers-book Catalog & Etc (mfrs)
  • 278905Paper Cutting (mfrs)
  • 278906Bookbinders-home Library (mfrs)
  • 278907Swatching (mfrs)
  • 278908Music Binding (mfrs)
  • 278998Bookbinding & Related Work (mfrs)

7-digit SIC

  • 2789001Bookbinding & Related Work Mfg
  • 2789002Book, Pamphlet & Magazine Binding
  • 2789003Book, Magazine & Pamphlet Binding & Repair
  • 2789004Trade, Edition & Library Bookbinding & Repairing
  • 2789005Trade Binding Services
  • 2789006Display Mounting
  • 2789007Bookbinders Mfg
  • 2789008Mounting & Finishing Mfg
  • 2789009Map Mounting
  • 2789010Covers-book Catalog Mfg
  • 2789011Map & Sample Mounting
  • 2789012Bookbinders-home Library Mfg
  • 2789013Book, Card & Paper Bronzing, Gilding, Edging & Deckling
  • 2789014Music Binding Mfg
  • 2789015Card Or Paper Deckling Books
  • 2789016Card Or Paper Edging Books
  • 2789017Card Or Paper Gilding Books
  • 2789018Gold Stamping Mfg
  • 2789019Magazine Binding
  • 2789020Pamphlet Binding
  • 2789021Book, Magazine Or Pamphlet Rebinding
  • 2789022Card Beveling
  • 2789023Paper Cutting Mfg
  • 2789024Swatching Mfg

8-digit SIC

  • 27890000Bookbinding And Related Work
  • 27890100Display Mounting
  • 27890101Map Mounting
  • 27890102Mounting Of Maps And Samples
  • 27890200Bronzing, Gilding, Edging, And Deckling: Books, Cards, Paper
  • 27890202Deckling Books, Cards, Or Paper
  • 27890203Edging Books, Cards, Or Paper
  • 27890204Gilding Books, Cards, Or Paper
  • 27890205Gold Stamping On Books
  • 27890300Binding And Repair Of Books, Magazines, And Pamphlets
  • 27890301Binding Only: Books, Pamphlets, Magazines, Etc.
  • 27890302Bookbinding And Repairing: Trade, Edition, Library, Etc.
  • 27890303Magazines, Binding
  • 27890304Pamphlets, Binding
  • 27890305Rebinding Books, Magazines, Or Pamphlets
  • 27890306Trade Binding Services
  • 27899901Beveling Of Cards
  • 27899902Paper Cutting
  • 27899903Swatches And Samples
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