SIC Code 2411 Logging




Establishments primarily engaged in cutting timber and in producing rough, round, hewn, or riven primary forest or wood raw materials, or in producing wood chips in the field.

Cross References

Independent contractors engaged in estimating or trucking timber, but who perform no cutting operations, are classified in nonmanufacturing industries. Establishments primarily engaged in the collection of bark, sap, gum, and other forest products are classified inForestry, Major Group 08.

Illustrative Examples

  • Bolts, wood: e.g., handle, heading, shingle, stave
  • Burls, wood
  • Driving timber
  • Fuel wood harvesting
  • Last blocks, wood: hewn or riven
  • Logging contractors
  • Logs
  • Mine timbers, hewn
  • Peeler logs
  • Pickets and paling: round or split
  • Piling, wood: untreated
  • Pole cutting contractors
  • Poles, wood: untreated
  • Posts, wood: hewn, round, or split
  • Pulpwood camps
  • Pulpwood contractors engaged in cutting
  • Rails fence: round or split
  • Saw logs
  • Skidding logs
  • Stumping for turpentine or powder manufacturing
  • Stumps
  • Timber (product of logging camps)
  • Veneer logs
  • Wood chips, produced in the field

Industry Leaders

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 241101Pulpwood (manufacturers)
  • 241102Logging Companies (mfrs)
  • 241103Log Scalers (mfrs)
  • 241104Pole & Piling-manufacturers
  • 241105Wood-manufacturers
  • 241198Logging (mfrs)

7-digit SIC

  • 2411001Logging Mfg
  • 2411002Logging Camps & Contractors
  • 2411003Timber Cutting
  • 2411004Wooden Logs
  • 2411005Pulpwood Mfg
  • 2411006Logging-wood Stumps
  • 2411007Fuel Wood Harvesting
  • 2411008Wood Chip Mfg
  • 2411009Hewn Wooden Bolts
  • 2411010Log Scalers Mfg
  • 2411011Hewn Wood Handle Bolts
  • 2411012Pole & Piling Mfg
  • 2411013Hewn Wood Heading Bolts
  • 2411014Hewn Wood Shingle Bolts
  • 2411015Hewn Wood Stave Bolts
  • 2411016Untreated Wood Poles, Posts & Pilings
  • 2411017Driving & Booming Timber
  • 2411018Hewn Mine Timbers
  • 2411019Round Or Split Pickets & Paling
  • 2411020Untreated Wood Piling
  • 2411021Pole Cutting Contractors
  • 2411022Untreated Wood Poles
  • 2411023Hewn, Round Or Split Wood Posts
  • 2411024Round Or Split Fence Rails
  • 2411025Peeler Logs
  • 2411026Pulpwood Camp
  • 2411027Saw Logs
  • 2411028Skidding Logs
  • 2411029Veneer Logs
  • 2411030Hewn Or Riven Wood Last Blocks
  • 2411031Turpentine Or Powder Stumping Mfg
  • 2411032Hewn Wheel Stock
  • 2411033Wood Mfg

8-digit SIC

  • 24110000Logging
  • 24110100Wooden Bolts, Hewn
  • 24110101Handle Bolts, Wood: Hewn
  • 24110102Heading Bolts, Wood: Hewn
  • 24110103Shingle Bolts, Wood: Hewn
  • 24110104Stave Bolts, Wood: Hewn
  • 24110200Poles, Posts, And Pilings: Untreated Wood
  • 24110201Driving And Booming Timber
  • 24110202Mine Timbers, Hewn
  • 24110203Pickets And Paling: Round Or Split
  • 24110204Piling, Wood: Untreated
  • 24110205Pole Cutting Contractors
  • 24110206Poles, Wood: Untreated
  • 24110207Posts, Wood: Hewn, Round, Or Split
  • 24110208Rails, Fence: Round Or Split
  • 24110209Stumps, Wood
  • 24110300Wooden Logs
  • 24110301Peeler Logs
  • 24110302Pulpwood Camp Not Operating A Pulp Mill At Same Site
  • 24110303Pulpwood Contractors Engaged In Cutting
  • 24110304Saw Logs
  • 24110305Skidding Logs
  • 24110306Veneer Logs
  • 24119901Fuel Wood Harvesting
  • 24119902Last Blocks, Wood: Hewn Or Riven
  • 24119903Logging Camps And Contractors
  • 24119904Stumping For Turpentine Or Powder Manufacturing
  • 24119905Timber, Cut At Logging Camp
  • 24119906Wheelstock, Hewn
  • 24119907Wood Chips, Produced In The Field
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Industry Overview

Total Companies:4108

Est. Employment:45480

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