SIC Code 2045 Prepared Flour Mixes and Doughs




Establishments primarily engaged in preparing flour mixes or doughs from purchased flour.

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in milling flour from grain and producing mixes or doughs are classified inIndustry 2041

Illustrative Examples

  • Biscuit mixes and doughs-mfpm
  • Bread and bread-type roll mixes-mfpm
  • Cake flour-mfpm
  • Cake mixes-mfpm
  • Dough, biscuit-mfpm
  • Doughnut mixes-mfpm
  • Doughs, refrigerated or frozen-mfpm
  • Flour: blended or self-rising-mfpm
  • Frozen doughs-mfpm
  • Gingerbread mixes-mfpm
  • Mixes, flour: e.g., pancake, cake, biscuit, doughnut-mfpm
  • Pancake batter, refrigerated or frozen-mfpm
  • Pancake mixes-mfpm
  • Pizza mixes and doughs-mfpm

Industry Sample for USA

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 204598Prepared Flour Mixes & Doughs (mfrs)

7-digit SIC

  • 2045001Prepared Flour Mixes & Doughs Mfg
  • 2045002Prepared Cake Mix
  • 2045003Prepared Pancake Mix
  • 2045004Prepared Flours & Flour Mixes
  • 2045005Prepared Biscuit Mixes
  • 2045006Blended Flour Products
  • 2045007Bread & Bread Roll Mix Products
  • 2045008Prepared Flour Mixes & Doughs
  • 2045009Prepared Doughnut Mixes
  • 2045010Farina Products
  • 2045011Prepared Gingerbread Mix
  • 2045012Prepared Pizza Mixes
  • 2045013Prepared Doughs & Batters
  • 2045014Prepared Biscuit Dough
  • 2045015Frozen Or Refrigerated Dough Products
  • 2045016Frozen Or Refrigerated Prepared Pancake Batter
  • 2045017Prepared Pizza Doughs

8-digit SIC

  • 20450000Prepared Flour Mixes And Doughs
  • 20450100Flours And Flour Mixes, From Purchased Flour
  • 20450102Biscuit Mixes, Prepared: From Purchased Flour
  • 20450103Blended Flour: From Purchased Flour
  • 20450104Bread And Bread Type Roll Mixes: From Purchased Flour
  • 20450106Cake Mixes, Prepared: From Purchased Flour
  • 20450107Doughnut Mixes, Prepared: From Purchased Flour
  • 20450108Farina, Except Cereal Breakfast Food: From Purchased Flour
  • 20450109Gingerbread Mix, Prepared: From Purchased Flour
  • 20450110Pancake Mixes, Prepared: From Purchased Flour
  • 20450112Pizza Mixes: From Purchased Flour
  • 20450200Doughs And Batters, From Purchased Flour
  • 20450201Biscuit Dough, Prepared: From Purchased Flour
  • 20450202Doughs, Frozen Or Refrigerated: From Purchased Flour
  • 20450203Pancake Batter, Frozen Or Refrigerated: From Purchased Flour
  • 20450204Pizza Doughs, Prepared: From Purchased Flour
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Total Companies:99

Est. Employment:974